Where can I find a list of laws and rules for CC


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I've always wondered about the laws that pertain to CC in PA. Me and my buddy argue all the time about it. A website with these laws would be great.

You can carry anywhere in pa except government buildings and schools. Unless business prohibits it.
conceal carry

You can't carry in a bank, I do see why any one would want to put them selves in that complicated situation any way
You can't carry in a bank, I do see why any one would want to put them selves in that complicated situation any way

In PA you sure can carry in a bank...open or concealed...unless it's posted at the door. Nothing complicated about a bank.
i don't know if i'm allowed to post a reference to another forum, but paopencarry.org has lots of good info.
I don't believe there exists an official Pennsylvania website regarding the do and don't on carrying in the state. When I received my permit, they included a small pamphlet stating that you can't carry in elementary schools & court houses. They emphasized that although you can carry practically everywhere, you should use better judgement.
Pennsylvania License to Carry a Firearm

You can not carry in K- 12 schools, Court Houses, and Casinos per Pennsylvania State Police web site. Also you need to use common sense.
Signs do not have the force of law in Pa. schools k to 12 courthouses and casinos are off limits. If a bar or bank is posted no guns you can still legally enter but if asked to leave and you do not it is considered defiant tresspass and you can be cited.
In KY you cannot carry in a bar, daycare, jail,sheriff's office courthouse or schools. Others can post signs and you can decide how to handle it from there.
can you carry in STATE Parks? I know Federal Parks is OK but STATE parks? also I assume state park buildings or fed park buildings are off limits (so that would include bathrooms)?
State Parks are OK to conceal carry, risky to open carry as we have not had any success in getting any official acknowledgment that OC is OK. CC unless you are ready to be the test case.
State Park buildings are also OK unless that building has courtrooms or detention facilities.
Federal Park/National Park buildings where federal employees regularly report are off limits, so restrooms are OK.
Former postal worker I know says carrying in a post office is prohibited. He says there is a sign advising of same at the entrance to each PO.

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