Where are you?


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I live about 50 miles north of Houston in the Willis area.

How about you?

My company has an office in Corpus. Dang, I wish I could live there. I LOVE Corpus.
Welcome to USA Carry.
i am

in parker county, about 25 miles NW of Ft. Worth. but i consider Bedias, Tx my hometown. until my kinfolk passed away.
I'm in Conroe,about 40 miles north of Houston.Torch,you and me are just about neighbors.We should get together and play sometime.

Newbie in Katy, just west of Houston/ carrier for over a year now. Can anyone tell me what it means when, like Florida or Kansas et al, says they honor "TX Resident Permits Only

watch your butt over there... if i am not mistaken you are in/near Greenspoint area.. my wife and i used to live there and our apt wasbroke into. lost a lot of sentimental stuff, including a old sears and roebuck .22 rifle that my daddy gave me. now that he is passed away, i really miss it. THANK GOD THEY DIDN'T GET MY PISTOLS!! I was at work{ did Security work a The Chronicle} my wife and then young son were visiting her mother nearwher we live now.:mad:
Yeah,but,the Greenspoint area has changed alot.It's safe now.At least that's what the real estate comercials say.
Course,it's still called Gunspoint by the locals.If I go in that area,I will remember your advice.

Yes I Hear you Guys you have to be carefull where you go allways, be aware and keep You're ears and eyes open. and expect the unexpected. to Happen it is allways go to be. Alert snd ready at all times.

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