Where are the Kentucky Folk?

New from Morehead Ashland area. I just got a SW Shield 9mm and my ccw in August.

Welcome from Lexington. How many rounds have you shot through the Shield? and what kind of holster are you carrying it in?
I'm remodeling a place out at some property in Lawrenceburg.

Once I get my "Range" setup we need to have a Meet and Greet while dispersing projectiles down field ;)
Havent had a chance to get to the range with the Shield yet but am looking at different holsters. Ordered Uncleendations Mike's IWB but not going to work. Any recommendations on a good carry holster?
I'm in Louisville. I carry a Glock 21 or a S & W 642 Airweight. Also carry an expandable baton as I am an instructor of expandable baton tactics.
Hey hey, just foined USA Carry today! In in Pittsburg, KY just North of London which is on I-75. I alternate between carrying a Ruger LC9, a Tarus Mellenium 9mm, and a Colt .45 ACP Officers Model. I love them all dearly like I do my chillin'!
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Just spent two weeks at my parents in Ashland. Went shooting with my nephew at S and D Indoor Gun Range. It was great. Should be moving back in the next year.
In Richmond, joined to learn more about carrying and glad to find some locals. Maybe asking questions as I am saving up for my first investment in carrying.

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Been crazy busy, but manage to shoot every week. Welcome to the KY forum. Right now spending time on getting KY to save itself from the raping of our US and KY constitution. I am currently involved in the attempt to get as many teachers armed as possible. Bluegrass Concealed Carry is offering free classes to any teacher or administrator. They do have to pay the $25.00 to Dept of Criminal Justice and the KSP fees.
502-377-9795 www. beconcealed.com

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