When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?


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How many threads do we need to devote to this same topic? :wacko:

Any issue of safety should come up as often as newbies need it. I realize that a search of the forums would find old instances of the issue, but people don't always think to do that. Anyhow, good advice is always good to find.


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Carry a Glock 26 all day every day, always has a round in chamber, only makes sense to me to always keep it condition 1, like stated above if you practice safety, and remember to keep your finger off the trigger unless engaged on a target, you will not have a problem......


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LOL the answer to the problem was a picture so I don't think it's math....i was choosing between that and x + 1 = 365/24/7 but someone would post x = 1.172619047619048.


Cocked Locked and Loaded, if you need a reminder your gun is loaded all the time you don't need to be carrying a gun. If you are one of the hundreds of folks I have seen at gun shows picking up a weapon and placing finger on the trigger while you point the gun in every direction, you are to stupid to have a weapon in your possession.


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Carry one in the chamber? An empty chamber gives one a very false sense of safety. It also leaves you with a very expensive item to hit or throw at your attacker(s). PRACTICE, PRATICE, Practice with an empty revolver, pistol, then load it, chamber a round if semi auto and refill the magazine and put it back in the pistol. HOLSTER IT! Mexican carry is an accident looking for a location to occur.

X + 1 = number of rounds in the magazine and the chamber. Range time, range time, range time, reload, reload, reload.

As a group we have taken the responsibility of carrying, let us not fall into complacency of false security.

Take care and be safe


I alternate between a Ruger LCP and a Ruger LC9 depending on clothing/ability to conceal, and I ALWAYS carry with a round in the chamber. I chose these two pistols because of the long trigger pull and narrow frames/easy to conceal profiles, AND because in going from one to the other I don't have to think much about which gun is in my hand and how it performs. And to make SURE they perform pretty much the same, I removed the thumb safety and the magazine safety from the LC9. With the long, firm trigger pull the thumb safety is redundant and it was literally a pain in my side when carrying the gun concealed.


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If you don't have confidence in carrying with a chambered round, carry a revolver...

Seriously? I think those 7 filled holes in the cylinder of my .357 are in fact 'chambered rounds'! If you want to carry heavy artillery that gets the job done, especially in the case of bears and such (I'm armed for both people and critters in the woods), you're probably not going to be using a semi-automatic!


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If your afraid to carry with a rd chambered, then maybe you should not carry the gun at all, if its needed in a critical situation, it will be useless,


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He (op) asked a simple question.... A new person should have appropriate guidance and not be subject to demeaning comments. I would rather answer this 1,000 times than have a person die from an "unloaded" gun.

There are several good answers above. I won't repeat those. I would ask the person to go to the local gun range and ask if someone could time his draw and first 2 shots on the target. Not the bulls-eye, just in the center mass area / box. Do a couple of times with one in and without one in the chamber. IDPA and IPSC folks have those timers readily available. My guess for a new inexperienced shooter is well over 2 seconds, draw to fire with one in the chamber. Without I can't imagine getting under 4-5 seconds. (Unless you are an Israeli master in disguise.)

How much damage can be caused by some nut in 4 seconds? How much distance can be covered? I'm not talking about a 4.3 / forty pro athlete. Can a bad guy coming at you can cover 20 ft? 25ft? Time yourself. I'm sort of a bowling pin kind of a guy, but I can cover quite a bit of distance if I put my mind to it.

I carry a 1911 Condition 1 - (One in the chamber, hammer back, locked / safety engaged) My Walther P99AS, one in the chamber. Every time, all the time. When I finish cleaning my weapon, it is immediately reloaded. If it is not on my person it is in the night safe and I am in bed.

I think as you get more experience, and you really delve into the answers to these questions, you'll have your own answer as to what is best for you.

Your booger hook IS your best safety.
Hope this helps. :pleasantry:


In my opinion carrying a firearm without a round in the chamber shows lack of training revealed from lack of confidence. However some firearms do make me more nervous than others when carrying loaded. I think that exposed hammers and firearms without safeties demand more care than a internal hammer gun with a safety lever.
No Safety?

When I carry my Ruger LC9, I carry with the safety on and a round in the chamber. When I carry my S&W M&P40 which has no safety, I do not carry a round in the chamber.


With all due respect, EVERY handgun has a safety. It consists of two important parts: Your finger (which should OFF the trigger and OUTSIDE the finger guard) and your brain (which must be fully functional and engaged when you have a gun in your hand.) Revolvers also do not have external safeties and no one recommends carrying them unloaded. An auto without an external safety such as a Glock is perfectly safe as long as there is a good holster (completely covered trigger guard) and no "operator error." An auto without a loaded chamber is nothing but but a dull, lightweight hammer...


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You're shizzing me, right? Carrying an unloaded gun is just asking for more trouble than not carrying at all. If you're that uncertain of your ability to safely handle a firearm, you need to get some training. I have guns that haven't been UNLOADED for decades except for maintenance. My carry gun is never unloaded unless being cleaned or if I'm showing it to someone. It's had a round chambered for over 10 years. I've carried SA autos, SA/DA autos, DA revolvers and they were always loaded.


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Absolutely...just goes with the training ,I am comfortable and confident.
Firearms always stay in the holster for which they were designed.
Hopefully will never have to use it.


If any gun in my house is not in the safe or in a case, it's loaded- and as far as I'm concerned, loaded means a round in the chamber.

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