When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?

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The most reliable safety is the one between your ears

I always carry with a round in the chamber of my Glock 19. While doing armed security, I use a Blackhawk CQC Serpa II with a release which trains your finger to index properly. In EDC mode, I carry off the body in a Maxpedition Versipack, but with a trigger well insert from Lone Wolf products. Before you choose to carry without a round in the chamber, you might want to take a force on force class, or watch videos of those who have, to see how difficult it is to draw, rack the slide, and get your gun into action in a realistic situation. You might be surprised how quickly someone can cover a few feet to get at you (which is, yes, the chief drawback of carrying off the body), or how adrenaline can ruin your fine motor skill functions.

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Always, always, always! Any other way is just plain dangerous. The #1 rule is: "All guns are always loaded." It just makes sense to keep them that way when you carry.


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I have been a deputy sheriff, a prison officer, a county detention officer and an armed security officer. I currently carry a Springfield Armory XD-45 in a Blackhawk Serpa holster, and carry with a round in the chamber. The grip safety, similar to the 1911 .45 ACP and the Glock-like trigger safety are sufficient in the hands of an experienced shooter, and the Serpa holster retention device allow me to draw and engage as with a DA revolver, with the added feature that the retention release puts the trigger finger along the slide when you draw. I am aware that the Israelis train to carry without a round chambered, but I don't like the time it takes to rack the slide. Without a round in the chamber, the pistol is an inefficient club. I was trained that there are no accidental discharges, but negligent discharges, and I practice so there will be no unintended discharges, ever.

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train with ur gun empty and with the holster of choice, practice drawing said wepon and pull the trigger (make sure the chamber is empty, check it a few times) its called dry fire, re rack slide and do again and again, gun should click each time. i carry a M&P 40, never had an issue, my current carry XD-40 subcompact i carry with a round in the chamber, it has a grip safty and a trigger safty (like a glock) but i did carry the M&P chambered in a blackhawk cqc holster with no issues. just practice with the gun empty, it take a lil time to get use to, but u will.


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There was a recent attempted carjacking/robbery in a Dayton, Ohio gas station. It was caught on video.

Two druggies attacked a guy while he was trying to get gas. After a brief but violent struggle, he was able to shoot one of his attackers in the stomach twice. The other attacker fled.

By his own admission, if the victim had not had a round chambered, he might well have lost his gun and his life.

If you don't have confidence in carrying with a chambered round, carry a revolver... keeping in mind that if you're negligent enough, you can shoot yourself with ANY firearm as long as there's usable ammunition around.

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I do now. I have evaluated the arguements pro and con and I believe that for me and my carry situation, keeping a round in the chamber is the best option.
I think that carrying an unloaded pistol is pretty useless. Why carry at all,if you have the chamber empty and might need the weapon in a pinch and realize it is empty. You already have enough problems, now your weapom is dead and in that situation, the gun owner could very well end up the same way. I have a few pistols packed high in the closet for such problems. I hope it never happens, but its safer to be sure.


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If you have time, during an incident, to jack a round into the chamber, then you have time to avoid the incident. As others have pointed out, keep your finger away from the trigger when holstering and drawing, and do not touch the trigger until you are on target.


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I carry my m&p 357 sig with one up the pipe. Some times I carry my 1911 cocked and locked. No problems here.


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I carried an empty chamber for about 1-2 days, just to get comfortable with the idea and now I have never looked back and wouldn't think of carrying with an empty chamber.


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YES!! I have one in the chamber ready to go as soon as the safty is switched off. I am old and disabled to a degree and therefore maybe a little slower. So, I figure if anything is going to happen it will be close and fast coming. I just want every advantage that I can have to protect myself and/or my family. Just my opinion, thanks for reading this. Toby

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I carry an M&P 45. Always with one in the chamber.

A special note for "trigger safety" or "no safety" firearms - MAKE SURE YOUR HOLSTER IS NOT WORN OUT. I'm referring specifically to the part that covers the trigger guard. There was a guy recently who had an accidental discharge from this. The mouth of his IWB holster "folded over" and got under the trigger, causing the gun to fire when he got seated in his car. No serious injury...just a band-aid, some upholstery repair, some body work on the undercarriage, and probably a ruined pair of underwear. Thankfully.

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