When did the police department change?


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it is case by case if the canton ccw had starting fighting back with that cop he would have a case for self defence


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I started this thread looking at the general reputation of the police departments across the country. Not singling out a department or officer. There is enough about officer harliss on other threads, and I appreciate all the responses so far.


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I think I'm considered a youngster, at least around these parts, but I used to love when my grandfather would tell me stories of being a deputy in a small town.

One involved busting a party of underage drinkers. Instead of knocking heads, he just quietly went around to all the cars and disconnected the distributor caps so no one could drive home.

Today the police raid the party and leave every underage drinker there with a criminal record and if any adults are involved they face felony child abuse charges.
I am old enough to see the changes. Today we are living in more of police state than a free country. The United States has over 2 million 2 hundred thousand prisoners in this country. No other country on the planet exceeds, or comes close to our incarceration rates. Thanks! The story about your Grandfather was refreshing.

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