When banning guns gets tough, finding ways to ban gun owners can accomplish the same


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The Supreme Court’s decision overturning the D.C. handgun ban makes it more difficult for gun banners to do their job, at least until an anti-gun rights president is in position to appoint new justices to the court. In the meantime, the prohibitionists are implementing a new strategy—ban as many people as possible from
owning guns.

The strategy has been perfected in Canada, and is now moving south of the border, perhaps coming soon to where you live. The cornerstone of the strategy is a discretionary licensing system for gun ownership.
Under existing federal law, there are millions of people who are legally banned from owning guns. These bans are based on objective criteria, such as a person having been convicted of a felony or a domestic violence misdemeanor, or having been dishonorably discharged from the military. From the gun prohibitionist
viewpoint, these objective criteria are grossly insufficient, because they still leave the vast majority of the population able to legally possess firearms. So in the effort to ban more people, the gun prohibitionists set up licensing systems that intrude into the applicant’s personal life. The purpose is to look for something—anything—that indicates, supposedly, that the applicant might misuse a gun. For example, in
Canada, an applicant for a gun permit must disclose whether he has ever filed for bankruptcy, or has lost a job. He must even provide a list of his past romantic relationships, so that the police can contact former girlfriends. Then, if his former girlfriend or ex-boss doesn’t give him a good recommendation, his gun license will

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If you have a pistol license in NYS, you have "successfully" navigated a discretionary licensing system. I agree however, that any day a new official criteria could be implemented that bans ONLY those people with a pulse from owning guns.

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