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I live in Orange County and just recently updated my Carry permit to unrestricted.
Im curious to hear from other full carry people when and where they carry and if they run into any problems. For example, going into stores etc where metal detectors are set up.
Sorry if it sounds like a silly question. Thanks for any input.

Congrats on getting the restrictions removed.:y: Personally I have never encountered a store with a metal detector but I'd say if they don't have a sign posted restricting guns then all you would have to do is show them your permit. I carry in stores that don't have signs but have yet to come across a store that has one. So if I saw a store with a sign like that, I wouldn't give them my business anyway. I carry everywhere unless prohibited by Law. Such as schools and government buildings to name a couple. But you have to be careful if you travel within the state because some city's have stricter laws include, Albany, Buffalo and Rochester. Don't take your gun if your going into New York City. You need permission from the chief of police in order to carry there and if you ask, you'll need a very good reason why.
I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but New Yorks gun laws are so messed up the best thing you can do is spend a day on the computer searching the internet then write down any questions you have and ask a lawyer. Luckily the county I live in and the counties am surround by are fairly pro-gun. So I carry all the time but I do sometimes have to enter a local government building for which I don't carry.
ohio is getting better. i've made it about 99% of time I'm armed. no goverment buildings and I use private not u.s. postal service. work allows it (by not having a policy), legal way of doing it. Some places still have no ccw signs, but less as time goes on and I don't give them my money and i LET THEM KNOW THAT! I should change my awnser to 99% of time i'm up and out of home. But you get my point. Most people in Ohio have the ability to carry about 99% of time, it's work that is the big liberal thorn in some of our ccw holders. :crap:
I work at a local college, and NYS law restricts me from carrying on educational grounds. I can't even bring it onto the grounds in my car. Just leaving my gun in the car in the parking lot at the college is a felony offense. As a result, I am unarmed on my way to work, on my way home, and anywhere I need to go straight from work. I am hopeful that Students for Concealed Carry on Campus - ConcealedCampus.com will make some headway to changing this. The idea of "victim-enrichment zones" is simply ludicrous to me. I hope that once the Supreme Court rules that the 2nd ensure an individual's right, subsequent lawsuits to strike down all these bogus laws come fast and furious.
Well, i sure hope something positive starts to happen in New York. It can't all be blamed on liberal NYC. There are way to many anti gun Democrats in New York. Bloomberg is a dangerous man because of his wealth. He is so corrupt and buys people left and right. His hate for guns and mission to disarm the people as with most politicans is because of their corrupt actions. They dont want anyone armed so they can get away with the corruption.

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