Whats up with Kansas?


I have gone on a trip to Oklahona City and since Nebraska and Kansas do not reconize Idaho permit I called nebraska and they said just keep it in the open and no problem but Kansas told me that every county has there own laws whats up with that or are they blowing smoke? I unloaded my pistol ,put it in a locked case in the trunk and they said thats the way it is .Thats crazy

When I was stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita It was a pain traveling with a firearm. Back then in the county the firearm had to be in the open. If I went to the city it had to be locked up. I hate states like that!

And everyone gets down on Massachusetts??? Ok....MA does suck and yes Teddy Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun. However, concealed carry laws are not that bad. I can carry concealed in my car and as long as it is under my direct control, I'm good to go. I have talked to LEOs and the Chief in town and they define direct control as being on my person or within reach. In the side pocket of my driver's side door...ok. Center console...ok. On me...ok. Between my legs....ok. The issue with Concealed Carry in MA is the process of getting the permit itself. Thelocal Chief of Police is the issuing authority. My town is gun friendly. Next door in Falmouth, it's another story. Always been that way going back 30 plus years.

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