Whats the best laser for glock 21 concealed???


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I own a glock 21 & usially am in concealed carry w/ holster... I was thinking about crimson trace but idk.. What do you pros think about lasermax guiderod laser? I need good opinion feedback so I can purchase my laser. Open for any and all suggestions....


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I have gone with the LaserLyte for my Glocks because it replaces the rear sight and barely changes the carrying characteristics of any Glock. Long battery life, durable, both pulse and steady modes and not prone to go on accidentally. I pocket carry a G26 in a DeSantis Nemisis with LaserLyte and it works fine. When I got mine they were about $80 each. Looks like the price went up on them.

My two cents.


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I went with the lasermax for my G19 and it is working out ok.
The pluses are:
1. It will fit in the holster
2. Does not change the grip

The negatives are:

1.When firing off quick burst of 3 the laser sometimes will turn off due to the guide rod getting misaligned but after the next shot comes back on and works.
2.If you don't make sure it is off your battery will drain

I mainly chose the Lasermax due to it not needing a new/special holster and that the lasermax did not incress the size of the grip. The LaserLyte I have not tried but think that they are better if you have yet to buy new sights for your firearm.

Though I like the fact that the crimson trace turns on when you grab your gun eliminating the need for you to turn on the laser but the added size to the grip was too much a negative for me to chose it. So it just comes down to what is important to you, for me it was keeping my G19 the same grip size and not needing to buy a new holster.
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Glock 26 with crimson trace laser sights nothing extra needed for holstering. Plus I don't need to turn on a switch as it actives as you grip.


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I use Crimson Trace lasers on my GLOCK 17C, and GLOCK 30. Last time I checked Crimson Trace did not make a laser for my GLOCK 21 so I currently use a GLOCK light & Laser attached on the front rail. The problem is I cant find a decent holster for this combination.


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Check out PhillyEDC on you tube he's making some custom kydex holsters and I have been discussing a custom IWB light and mag holder. He might be able to help.
I have been thinking about a gen 4 glock and might have to go with a rail laser so all my old holsters won't work.
And will most likely have him make one.


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I tried the Laserlyte rear sights on both my G27 and G30. Had nothing but trouble. Point of aim of laser kept moving. Finally returned both. Currently considering replacement rod lasers.


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I have a Crimson Trace with the switch on the rear of the grip. I like it. The laser goes on automatically when you have a proper grip on the weapon. This is both a positive and a negative. It makes it faster to aim and fire but if you want to grip your weapon and not fire the red light is rather apparent. You can minimize the effect of the light by moving your trigger finger up to intercept the path of the laser.

I also like the Laserlyte. It requires one more action to turn it on but that does not require much time especially with practice.

I was looking at a G27 with a lasermax. I did not care for the switch. I found turning it off a pain and I was not confident that it wouldn't turn on without my intent. I didn't purchase the gun so I don't know what it is like to live with.

I expect that all the above would work with almost any holster.


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I tried the Laserlyte rear sights on both my G27 and G30. Had nothing but trouble. Point of aim of laser kept moving. Finally returned both. Currently considering replacement rod lasers.

I've had mine on my G-19 for about 2 years...at least 1K rounds through it now and never a problem. Yours is the first complaint I have heard.

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