What's the best .380


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I can't believe I have not replied to this thread before. I too have had a lot of 380's, I don't shoot them as much as Davevabch does, and have never shot one enough to wear one out. They are however small guns without the mass to help mitigate the damage caused by the firing cycle. Even though the 380 is a smaller round it is still relatively very powerful. Smaller guns will wear faster than larger guns by and large, just as a similar size 454 Casull will wear faster than a 357 Magnum. Power comes at a price.

I do own a full dozen 'Pocket 380's', like Dave I wanted to pocket carry and it just snowballed on me. I own a Colt Mustang XSP (now called Lite) two Glock 42's, a Kahr CW-380, Remington RM-380, Ruger LCP, LCP Custom, LCP II, LC-380, S&W Sigma 380, Springfield 911, Taurus Spectrum.

I like some better than others for specific reasons, for instance if someone was needing a easy to rack gun from my ownership list, I would recommend the RM-380 or LC-380, and both are good reliable guns, both have long smooth trigger pulls, too long for my taste, the LC-380 also has a external safety that some like, even demand. The largest for my pockets are the G-42, but easiest to widely recommend as it has simple easy controls, soft shooting and accurate. My S&W Sigma 380 was my first pocket 380 and my absolute ugliest and given the poorest sights it is still surprisingly accurate, possibly due to the fixed barrel. The Spectrum is a solid inexpensive performer and a respectable choice. I don't own a Sig P-238 but it shares the basic design with the Colt Mustang and Springfield 911, all magazines interchange. I used to favor the Colt, but now the Springfield 911 is the Apple of my Eye. Better sights, and more it is now my EDC home carry.

I have Pocket 9's, 40's and a 45. I feel better served going out and about with a 40, but that 911 has me re-thinking that some.

I find the Hornady XTP bullet in ammo by Fiocchi, Hornady or Underwood to function well in all my 380's.


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I would tell you to go for the S&W bodyguard. It might seem kinda stiff at first (that's what I experienced). But, after two uses it eases up and pulling the trigger feels like butter (literally).

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