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I own and shoot an XD40, 5" Tactical, DB380 (mouse gun) and SA M&P 15-22.
The 40 is sweet to fire, great groups and so eazy to handle.
The DB380, on the other hand, is a wicked kicker that seems to fire low at 30 feet.
Is this to be expected or am doing something wrong.
The 15-22 is a BLAST to shoo. My youngest son and I zeroed it and proceeded to place 15 round groups on a dime at 30 feet. If you want a cheap shooting gun this is it.

That 15-22 looks like a cool gun. I've been wanting something like that for a while. It may be my next one. As far as the 380, I'm not really sure about that. I've got a cheap little 380 that is good for about 15-20 feet, but I've never tried it past that. You may want to call the maker and see what they say it's supposed to be. I didn't try mine any further just because I never intended it to be used for anything more than ten feet in front of me.
Wicked kickers usually shoot low because they induce jerking the trigger and flinching in the shooter. CBear
What's next to me? My Mini-14 is leaning against the wall next to my desk, with the Butler Creek folder extended. It's not loaded, but there are three Ruger factory 30s loaded on my desk.

The .45 Baby Eagle is across the room in my nightstand, in Condition 3. None of my other weapons are ready to fire at this time.
A bunch of disorganized papers, coffee mug and two carry devices. For what its worth, my primary gun is resting in a secure place in my bedroom. Thanks for the nudge, as I have to clean this makeshift office of mine!
Para Warthog, 3 knives, a cane, and two flashlights. Along with this is the aforementioned typical desk clutter.
My "house gun" is sitting about 6 ft away, locked and loaded. It's a full-size HK45 with a tac light. It's my insurance policy against thugs coming into my nice neighborhood and attempting to ruin my day.
"clutter on the desk" ...."house gun" beside desk 10 gauge /w 3 inch magnums buckshot in "my reach" kids in house ! my trusty Ruger LCP in my pocket 24/7 that goes bang every time i pull the trigger ! and if the lords willing and the creeks dont rise hopefully i can get to the gun cabinet if the other 2 dont change the intent of the bg's

Exactly. You said it better than I. Thanks. CBear

Kickers make the shooter shoot high or low. Some will palm the grip hard and push the muzzle high, others will squeeze the oil out of it and jerk the trigger causing the shot to go low. Welcome...


As to what is next to me: Smith and Wesson M&P45 on one side and a spare magazine for said firearm on the other.
What's next to me ?

It was a woman, until I got up to come in here. I have a folding knife, one handgun, couple of magazines (reading type) couple of books, music CD's framed pictures of family and friends etc.

Across the room in the walk in closet is a huge Sentry safe with everything one could want, but I'm still buying stuff to cram in to it. :biggrin:
Next to my keyboard is a CZ-75 P-06 (wife's), loaded and with a spare mag. On the credenza behind me is a Bersa .380 with a 9rd mag in and another sitting next to it where I placed it when getting home this evening. There are others around the house as well.
Just my Marlin .22 bolt action rifle against the wall, and my S&W M&P .40 on the table, locked and loaded, always ready for some dumb a** to kick in the Apartment door thinkin he can run the place. Id like to see him try.
Right now its a Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II. When I go to bed it will be a Para LTC with Trijicon night sights on the nightstand. Next to my wife is a Mossberg 500A 12 ga. pistol grip.
What's Next To Me?

My Great Grand Fathers US Army 1911 from World War I. Made in 1913 by Colt. It sits on my table beside my chair, loaded with Hornady 230grain FMJ Flat Point. Another spare mag and a Surefire L4 Lumamax Flashlight and my cell phone. As I sit here with my laptop, my Weenie Dog sits beside me on the other side by the TV remote.

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