Whatever the left touches it ruins. The latest example is children


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North Carolina lieutenant governor faces resignation calls after terming homosexuality as 'filth'​

No doubt Minister Lewis Farrakhan will be glad to welcome him into the Nation of Islam. Islam, an extremely homophobic religion, targets the black communities in the United States because statements like this get a pass in those same communities.


Hey, Ringo, Let’s go over a few things:

First, cool pictures of Bill Clinton traveling with people he said he barely knew to a place where he insisted that he’d never been. (Typical 'Teflon Willy' bullhooey!)

Second, it is NOT quite the last generation, yet. (You have such a creative imagination!)

A strong biblical case can be made to support a bible definition of a generation that is: (1) as short as 30 years, (2) typically 40 years, or (3) as long as 70 or 80 years. Who can really say?

Furthermore, what would be an accurate starting date for an apocryphal generation: 70 A.D. which is well within Christ’s then extant generation, as well as most appropriate to His remark stated in Matthew 24. Or could it be: 1914 (C.E.), 1948, 1967, 2012, 2092, or what?

By the way, how are you doing with that ‘Rapture thing’? I’ll bet you haven’t woken up yet with your pajamas empty, huh! ;)


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Hey, Ringo, Let’s go over a few things:...

Second, it is NOT quite the last generation, yet. (You have such a creative imagination!)
Do remember that the world was supposed to end on 9/9/2009, Y2K, and when the Mayan Calendar ran out of pages, among other various "theories". So my question is, what is Ringo going to post about in 2029 when the world has not ended?




Merrick Garland and the puppet masters he serves are coming in for the kill. They are terrified that parents will expose what has been happening in the schoolhouse. They are lying to you. Your schools are not “schools of excellence” or “blue ribbon schools.” They are indoctrination centers.

Expose them . . . but get your children out.

Being ‘woke’ is a virtue but waking up is a threat​


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