Whatever happened to the Culver's five?

Terry G

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I remember the incident, but never heard the end result. I attended the Iola Military and Gun show this month, and was glad to see a lot of people carrying openly. So a county fairground is not forbidden territory? I was carrying concealed (LEOSA), but would have OC'd to show support had I thought of it.


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Further what happened to Lauren Cnare? The Alder that was quite vocal about those men and their "silly display of gun rights". I had occasion to call her and decorum prohibits me from saying exactly what she acted like on the phone. She went so far as to notify "protective services" of the "threat" I posed her. Funny I thought we had First Amendment rights in this country. As far as Im concerned,the "5" should go after Cnare for defamation slander and civil rights violations. This is one politician that NEEDS to be removed from office by what ever means necessary.

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