What would you have done if Fort Worth became New Orleans?


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this was sent to me by email, people are just now hearing about this :cray:

I never even knew they were going around confiscating guns after Katrina if someone hadn't posted the link, and I would have not believed it just reading about it in the paper, if it ever even made the paper, without seeing it with my own eyes. Did the mainstream media cover it? Did their local news cover it? Has the NRA put it on their website or tried to promote that video? Now that I've seen it with my own eyes, assuming those weren't actors fabricating an event that never really happened, this is indeed frightening. I only watched the video once, but I will again and try to learn which group actually did this. Was it the Feds? ATF? Local police? National Guard? I don't even know right now who exactly was responsible. Were they breaking down doors? Or just asking people "do you have a firearm" and walking away if someone said no or didn't answer the door? Did they really take any guns from those who admitted it, and did anyone not comply? If they confiscated them, where are the guns now? Wouldn't there be lawsuits with some lawyers working for free to sue the government on civil actions? There were suppposedly lawyers lined up willing to work for free over the Morman case out on that Texas ranch, whatever side they were on.

My question to you all is, what if there was no hurricane in Ft. Worth, but rather a massive tornado or other disaster, or just martial law, and law enforcement came around to get your gun, what would you do? This isn't a pie-in-the-sky hypothetical cause it happened just a few hundred miles from here. What if you pulled a Charlton Heston...have you updated your will? Are you taxes due? Do you have family to support? Life insurance paid up?

We talk a good game but America doesn't have the guts that the founding fathers did. New Orleans proves it.

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Mr. Policeman, "Most of my guns have been moved to my place out of state and those that aren't are locked in my gun safe and I don't know the combination but it's in my computer which should work as soon as the electricity comes back on."

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This was done both by the local police and by the National Guard. THere was no justification for it, and most of the guns confiscated were NOT returned to their owners. But seeing as the NOPD was so corrupt that they either did nothing to stop the looting or actually looted themselves, and seeing as the NG acted as if it was marshal law, the "authorities" overstepped the boundaries grossly and illegally.

The NRA has covered this - matter of fact, the film you saw may have been from the NRA. What are we going to do about it? Well, there is a march being planned in DC on May 30th, called "We the People," which is covering the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not just the 2nd Amendment. It would behoove all of us to show solidarity with a large turn-out. Our politicians have already been put on notice that "we the people" do not approve of the Wall Street bail-out nor the auto industry bail-out, and that by turning a deaf ear to us, they can expect bitter consequences in the next election in 2 years. :angry:

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