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Well I was out and about today, and stopped by one of my favorite hag outs. You know just to see what was new. Well while I was there I looked at a Ruger SP101 in stainless. I have been wanting to get a new wheel gun in 357 the price was right and I liked the feel of it. Then I see they had the XD-45s on sale too. So I looked at it as well. Now here come the hard part I like them both. Well what to do. Get the SP101 or the XD-45. Well it was hard but here is what I came home with. Would you all have done the same thing?


Why not??? Who says you can only buy one at a time. :sarcastic: I've never got 2 at once but I did get 3 in a 4 day period once.
Nice! INVU I've been looking at one of dem der 6 Shooters , too! I was looking at a CTC Grips for it as well... Well Done, just the same!
I like the CTCs too but I am a lefty so they dont work very well for me. I do plan on some kind of other grips for te SP at some time.
Do you mind if I ask what you paid for the Ruger? I've been looking and found one today for $465. Same one as in your photo. I have no idea if this is a decent price. If it had the shaved hammer I probably would have bought it.
I got it for $449.95 it list for $589.00 on Rugers web site. I have not shot it yet but I just think it is a sexy looking gun. The XD I got for $465.95
That's a great price. All things considered, $465 is probably a decent price. I wish it had the shaved hammer. I might just have to hold out.
Good call on both. You might have lost some sleep wondering if you made the right decision if you had chosen just 1. When in doubt buy them all and explain to the wife later that she has to wait till next payday to buy shoes.
I do not have a wife so I don't have that problem, but if I did the one is basic black and that goes with everything. :pleasantry:
Back to the SP101...I'm considering this gun for my wife for duty use and when she isn't using it, for me as a BUG. I got up this morning and figured I'd go pick up the one I found yesterday, however, looking through the different holster manufacturers, I'm not seeing a decent duty style holster. Common problem with guns not really targeted for duty use.

She wants something in .357 or .38 that is a little larger than the typical compact snub but smaller than the classic hand cannon. Something in a 3-4" barrel. The SP101 fits the bill and we both like it. Can anyone suggest a decent duty style holster? Something nicer that the universal nylon. Once you get over 4" in length, holsters aren't as much of a problem. Some of the concealment holsters would work if they fit a 2 1/4" belt, but most, if not all, seem to fit a 1 3/4" max.
Comp-Tec.com makes a holster for that gun I will most likly get one from them. I have holsters made by them for all my other carry guns and I feel they are very well made and are a great company to work with.
Well, I have a wife and an XD-45 that she got me for my birthday. I love it. We went to the range and she shot the XD-45 better than her 9 mm, and so now she has one too.
It is a sweet gun and shoots as good as it looks. Unfortunately we have to pass on it because we can't find a suitable level 2 retention holster for it. If I can find a holster, I'll definitely buy this gun.

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