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So my parents want to take the bikes to Chicago, Milwaukee and maybe up to Canada over 4th of July. Hopefully you can already see my problem. These places aren't the most gun friendly places in the U.S. What's the best way to legally have my firearm while there? Is it even possible? Or should I try to get them to change the destination.

On a side note neither of my parents knows about the CCW let alone the Firearms. I haven't told them yet, due to when I came home (while still living with them) with my AR-15, they both kinda freaked out, asking about permits. but that's another subject.

What do you think ?

I think you could probably get away with it in IL and WI. Unload etc. But I think you are out of luck with Canada. Good luck.
Peaceable Journey law

Look up peaceable Journey on the NRAILA website. It will cover your bases for stateside travel provided you are not staying put for an extended period. Chicago and the outlying suburbs have a nasty way of IGNORING federal law when it suits them. This will cost you dearly in the long run as even if you did not break the law...you will still have an arrest on your record and this will screw up gun purchases for years to come and also cost you huge money to clear your name in court. Thank you Gov. Blagowhatever the H*%% your name is.
Thank you Chicago for hosing up gun ownership for the other fine citizens of Illinios. Thank you for being you.

Seriously...AVOID Chicago at all costs. I grew up in Illinios and know what kind of jerks they can be. Both the Mayor and the Gov. are currently under the magnifying glass for illicit activity and you know that the inmates have taken over the asylum
Thanks for the help... I'm going to try to change their minds before the trip. If they still want to go Me and the wife might go somewhere else.
I wouldn't go...

I don't travel anywhere I cannot legally CCW. I go to Florida all the time. I am also going to Louisville KY for the NRA Annual Meeting next month. I'm legal in both States on my FL or NV CCWs.
I'll be there in Lexington also. I think Im going to convince the parents to go to St Louis instead.
The federal law covering the transportation of firearms only applies within the United States, and only if the firearm(s) is/are legal at the beginning and end of the journey. Since your journey ends in Canada, you would no longer be subject to that law the moment you crossed the border into Canada. If (and that's a big if) it is legal for you to have your firearms in Canada, then by all means bring them. However, check the law there before you do.
I try to avoid states where I can't carry. Unfortunately, my Grandmother chose to live in California. We're going to see her this weekend. Time to do the "stop at the border, unload gun & lock it in the trunk and put the ammo in the saddlebag" thing again. I really hate going to that state.

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