What We All Knew


Here is a video concerning "new" tactics for confronting school (etc.) shooters.

YouTube - When Seconds Count: Stopping Active Shooters

This video makes a lot of sense; good sense, however, is something that seems to elude the politicians who make the laws declaring these places to be "gun free zones."
Wow, they media said it!

I was a happy man after seeing this clip. There were many good points made, some of which I read on the pages of this forum a long time ago. I did get a chuckle over the last 5 or so seconds of the clip. The male anchor says something like "Wow, some good food for thought." or some similar statement, and the female anchor kind of rolls her eyes over like he is crazy. Three guesses; who is pro and who is anti?
Yeah, working now. Must have been temporary.

Great video! Especially the last minute or so on the fallacies of establishing "gun-free zones" for safety of children and shoppers.
Glad to see this came from CH 9....a Cincinnati OH station. Right across the border from me.
ITs about time a reporter gets it right and isnt ham-strung by the stations powers that be.
They've figured out that this is no time to be PC!!! that poor kid in there comes from a home where the parents divorced last year, lets talk him out of this....all the while he keeps shooting kids.:big_boss:
Victim Zones

Maybe the tide is slowly begining to turn. School zones and malls are considered easy targets for criminals. That local TV station nailed it with that report! They should get some sort of Journalistic gold medal!


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