What type of thigh holster would you recommend

I don't think the pic is fake. But, It may not be a pic of the OP.

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If it is a pic of the OP, I want to let her know that she is gorgeous. But, I also would advise her to take it down off a public forum. Posting pics in "private" albums are more secure. Besides, if the OP was my daughter, I sure wouldn't want her pic out there given dirty old men the jollies; or possibly attrecting people with "stalker" type personalities.


Well thank you- although i understand you mean well- in the latter part of your comment- I ask you- if i used my picture in a different forum where topics were not firearm related- such as, cooking, relationship advice, fitness, traveling- etc etc- would you still have felt that was not my picture?

I'm not offended, because your reaction is typical- to the demographics i see- at least around st. louis. At all gun shows/stores/events/class/range- i would be either the only, or one of two- females- my age- who dresses like i don't spend my weekends outdoor. Part of my purpose with using my own picture- is (i'm not sure if you know this- but usa carry is retweeted/linked on twitter alot- which is how i found it) so that more females (who have the interest to) my age will engage/be more involved -in any way. whether online, here, or just to feel comfortable with asking a question to which they do not know the answer to, or seeking the opinion of- without some people teasing them. However- Eid- I did feel pretty tacti-cool trying on my drop holster!.

I understand there are certain repercussions of using my own picture on a public forum. But this is simply part of who i am. Just as i am a mother, a business professional, an avid cook, and a gun nut :) I not only know what the Kardashians are up to these days- but I also keep up with the Market, and that crazy wackadoo- in the Big House.

On a separate note- I took that pic for purposes of addressing the prior posts regarding identity, as well as give a visual of how this "woods-carry-style" might work for me. I bought a cheapo UTG to see what all i will be needing when I make the final purchase- should i decide to stick with that carry style. The belt is a temp i grabbed just to use to take the pic- i'm waiting on a heavy duty velcro one- which i will (obviously) - loop thru belt loop, to a pair of sturdy pants. The part of the holster that circumferences around my thigh- is still too big- I hope other drop holsters online will denote their exact thigh measurement ranges- otherwise i'm going to have to purchase in store- of which inventory is much more limited. The pistol sits at a perfect "drop" near my hand. The drop is about a cm. low- but wearing a velcro belt- with belt loop pants- will raise and secure it. The holster is holding a M9 loaded to capacity- As i was testing- how the weight - on my side- would feel at its capacity. Felt fine- BUT the true test comes when i'm doing brisk walks and moving about on atv. I like the quick detach- two clicks. One around thigh, one to belt.

Happy Weekend All

I've never carried my thighs in a holster.

I think you mean a drop holster.

Is there some reason you need a drop holster (like you're carrying a pack or body armour) or are you just trying to be tacti-cool ?

I think the difference between a drop platform, and a thigh platform which is still a type drop platform, is whether or not a thigh strap is utilized.

Drop platforms main connection to the body is still the waist, and usually do not have straps that wrap the thigh.

Thigh platforms utilize thigh straps to keep the holster from bouncing.

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IMO, your thigh holster sits way to low in this picture. It should sit only as low as to clear the obstruction above it (rifle, jacket, belt). The closer to the knee, the more it will obstruct movement.

Travis Haley Pro-Tip: Drop Rig Holsters: http://youtu.be/hNSn19NnxLI

I was recently given the tan black hawk thigh platform to see what I can make for it...the white holster is another type of drop platform that I usual wear day to day. From asking customers which thigh platform they liked the most, Safariland (like in the video), always had the best reviews.

The environment and attire, would dictate whether I wear a drop platform (regular attire, no thick vegetation), thigh platform (vest or "battle belt", no thick vegetation) , or chest platform (woods walk with thick vegetation and possible river crossing.)

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