What type of gun do you typically carry for you concealed?

If someone else has posted something similar to this, please feel free to move this. My husband has his chcl already. He carries a 9mm with an 18 round clip right now, but with in a month or so is going to start carrying an NRA edition for a 380. I am waiting for my chcl to come in the mail.. but he did get me my gun for my birthday this week. It is a 22 rugar with a laser site. I LOVE IT!!! ( On a side note, we went ahead an registered it in his name since my license was not in yet. We live in Arkansas. Do you think this will be an issue? The people at the gun store didn't seem to think so)


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I don't know the laws in the OP's state but if they have gun registration she probably would need the gun to be registered to her if she wanted to carry it. I won't even get into the odd choices of calibers


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Well for me it's not so easy I live in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey where I cannot carry but, I hunt fish and have a second home in PA well not really don't own it but I can use it anytime I want have keys and everything. So, here is how it goes for me as soon as I re-enter the U.S into PA. :happy: I load up my .357 mag Taurus revolver just because it's easy and usually my wife is driving so I can do so. When I get to where I want It's usually my Glock 19 in a IWB or my XDS in a pocket or fishing vest. God willing I'll be out of here next year or 2015 the latest. Good luck with your new gun and hope you get your permit soon and be safe.


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I'm not familiar with regs in Arkansas, but here in NY (no need to comment on NY...I've seen and heard them all) you can't carry or even handle a handgun unless it's registered on your permit (except gun store). So my wife and I have all of our guns registered on each other's permits. That way, we can take any with us and still be legal. It was actually the permit office that suggested we do this so in the odd chance we take the other's gun, we're still legal(we have two of the same model).

As for caliber/model, it's a personal decision as to what you carry and more importantly, what you wear and where you carry. In my situation, my usual attire is business casual, and I can't leave my shirt untucked, so for me it's pocket carry in the warmer months. In that case, I have a smaller, lightweight gun that doesn't 'print' in my front pocket, but can carry a larger gun during winter months where clothing offers better concealment.

Your husbands 18 rounds alone would be enough to need suspenders, not to mention the weight of the gun itself. I'm assuming that's why he's switching to a compact, lightweight 380. In many cases, it's a matter of trial and error to find what(and where) works best for you.


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Just got my hands on a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield .40, that is now my carry gun. Wanted a Walther PPS, but they are nowhere to be found. For winter carry, I plan to use my M&P full size .40.

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I carry a Ruger LCP with a LaserMax. It's like your husband's without the camo. Very small and easy to conceal. Bad recoil. I'm sure you'll like shooting yours better.
I know people will tell you that a .22 isn't going to stop anybody, but a well placed hit with a .22 is always better than a miss with a .40 or whatever. Especially if you can place several in a small area. My daughter traded her S & W .38 for a .22 this past weekend because she didn't feel she was that accurate with the .38. And unfortunately she doesn't have the ability to go out and practice very often.
I just bought a Kel Tec P11 (9mm) and from what I've read, I'm not going to like shooting it any better than the Ruger LCP, plus it's slightly larger. So when it's all said and done, I may end up with a .22 also.


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I carry a Bersa Thunder 9mm Ultra Compact Pro... 10+1 nearly everywhere. Sundays, usually a .380 Bersa Firestorm to Church... Both are easy to conceal.
I like that Ruger .22! Nice looking pistolo... Welcome to the forum, Amie.


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I don't know the laws in the OP's state but if they have gun registration she probably would need the gun to be registered to her if she wanted to carry it. I won't even get into the odd choices of calibers
That's what doesn't make sense. CHCL would seem to indicate Arkansas since they're the only state using that llicense name, but Arkansas doesn't have gun registration. They never have.


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Oh yeah. My daily carry is a Glock G30SF, 45 cal, 10+1 with one or two extra magazines, depending on the clothing being worn. During some activities in the summer months I may carry a Ruger SP101 357 Magnum because it's stainless and more resistent to getting wet.


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I usually carry my Beretta 92FS with Crimson Trace laser grip and 18+1 rounds of ammo, or my Taurus PT145. My fiance usually carries her Taurus PT111 or her Beretta 92FS. Our carry ammo is Speer GHJHP rounds.


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i have carried everything from 22 to 44 mag i have settled on a RUGER LC9 with LAZER MAX , i find this firearm to be the perfect balance mean a 9mm in a defence load is quite a stopper yes it does not hold 3,000 rounds and in my opinion someone that need that high a capacity magazine need lessons and practice . seven rounds is good enough for me .......................

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