What scandal? Edwards hikes speaking fee


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Edwards is to speak on "The American Dream," Kaler said. Tickets are free, but the student group is paying him $65,000.

Don't you just love bureaucrats? Who else could commit adultery, lie over and over to the American public about it and the get $65.000 dollars to tell some more lies. Yep, that's the American Dream alright.:pleasantry:

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What scandal? Edwards hikes speaking fee
U. OF I. | Despite admitting affair, he'll get $65K for Oct. talk on 'American Dream'

August 29, 2008Recommend (62)

BY STEFANO ESPOSITO Staff Reporter [email protected]
Just weeks after former presidential candidate John Edwards admitted cheating on his wife, he's not shying away from public speaking engagements -- and his fee has gone up, his agent says.

Edwards is due to speak at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Oct. 14. The agent for the former North Carolina senator has told the university student group organizing the event that Edwards is looking to add to his speaking calendar and that he's charging more, said university spokeswoman Robin Kaler.

Edwards is to speak on "The American Dream," Kaler said. Tickets are free, but the student group is paying him $65,000.

Kaler said the student group gave Edwards the opportunity to back out of the speech in light of his admission to having an extramarital affair. Neither Kaler nor the student group would give the Chicago Sun-Times the name of Edwards' agent. Edwards could not be reached for comment.

Edwards' other appearances include a September speech with wife Elizabeth at Salem State College in Massachusetts, according to college spokesman Jim Glynn.

Edwards has come under fire in the past for his speaking fees. In 2006, he was paid $55,000 to speak at the University of California-Davis about poverty.

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Hay I will do it for 35000. This is BS. See what our colleges want to speak to our kids.GOOD ROLE MODEL.Maybe they just want some makeup suggestions.:secret:


Thank God I'm alive!
Who else but a cheating, lying politician would capitalize off of the popularity he gained after an adultery scandal?

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I think he should raise his prices even more! If these brainwashed radical liberal socialist students want to fill their minds with more mush make them pay for it. Maybe when they run out of money they will sit back and realize that the only person benefiting from these speeches are the scumbags that they bring in.

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