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When you are looking around for a new carry gun does the price carry a lot of consideration in the purchase? I'm sorry I have to take a look at the price first in any catagory I look at..

For me price is last. Not that it isn't important but the least important to me. :rolleyes:

...and no, I do not have a lot of money or even credit!
Yes,I do look at price. I can't afford to just go buy whatever I want. My wife and I would both be broke. :) I feel you kind find very good handguns in the reasonable price range. My Taurus pt140pro has never had the slightest issue and I think my Ruger p345 is one of the best handguns I have ever handled. You can of course also but used. I can never find good deals on used ones around here though. I can't forget my Kahr cw9 either. Or my Kel-tec p3at
For some of us price is a factor. I'm not saying buy a cheap gun but there are several things to consider when purchasing a handgun for self defense. To me the most important issue is competency. How well can you shoot it? Are you confident in it?

Some related expenses in a new gun: Holster - $50 to $100, Belt - $50 to $100, Practice and SD ammo ?????

My point is buy a decent gun that you can afford to shoot, a lot. You can always save and trade your way up the scale.
On my limited budget, price is paramount to me. In my mind, buying (and carrying) what you can afford is 10 times better than staring (and dreaming) unarmed at the counter.

For me price is last. Not that it isn't important but the least important to me. :rolleyes:

...and no, I do not have a lot of money or even credit!

+1. Although I am far from rich and money can be tight the most important thing for me is that the gun works first time ever time. I don't want to scrimp on something that may be called on to save my life or my loved ones. Before I do that I wiil cut back on the expencive T.V.s, autos etc. There are just to many places to save money without buying something that could get me killed. Jst my 2 cents worth.
I would have to agree with everyone else.I am not rich either,but i would rather save a little longer to get a reliable weapon that to get one just to have something new.That being said,it also doesn`t mean you have to go broke to get something reliable.Do your homework and a little common sense and you will do fine.
Price is one of the primary reasons I choose Glocks for my wife and me.
NIB 26 & 27 under $400.00 each made it tough not to pick Glock.
My first carry was a Sigma 9VE ($320) and it proved reliable and accurate, it was "rotated" to my desk drawer eventually. Then I upgraded to a CZ-40 ($420) and it proved to be every bit as solid and dependable. May still go back and pick up a Sigma 40VE someday. I also picked up a Bersa .380 ($220) and Sig P-230 ($270/used) for those hot days when I wanted a bit smaller footprint and locked away car guns a few times.

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