What other countries allow their citizens to be armed and carry?

Tavi - I take that to mean that you also have been unable to obtain a carry permit. Have you tried to get one and been denied? What kind of justification is deemed "worthy" of getting a permit approval?

I spent some time in the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen before re-unification) in 1979 and every adult male carried an AK-47, FN or G3 and many a TT33 in their belt next to the ever present Jambia (large Knife). The govt. controlled ammo making it very expensive. You could date pictures in the official tour book by the rifles carried ie: S.M.L.E. or Mauser 98= 1950s, SKS= Early to mid 1960s, and of course AKs & ETC late 60s forward. While I was there private (tribal militias) crew served weapons were banned in Sanaa and some other Govt. controlled towns. But Land Rovers or Toyota Pickups with a 12.5mm or a Recoiless Rifle mounted as not uncommon in the tribal controlled areas. This was of course before the rise of Muslim fundamentalism. While I was there it was one of the safest places around, everyone polite and heavily armed.

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