What Liberals Fear More Than Obama Losing

Michelle Bachmann winning! (Or Sarah Palin, or Rick Perry, or Ron Paul - although there is difficulty with Ron Paul. His raw underlying philosophy *SHOULD* be okay, he just comes across as insane. Sort of like Ross Perot back in the day.)


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If they had a brain in their head, they would fear their entitlement monstrosities and overbearing regulatory burdens on businesses bankrupting the national economy and no one gets ANY benefits because there's no money with which to pay those benefits. But then, you predicated the question on what would Liberals fear, so due to the fact that they have no brains in their heads, this is not a serious consequence for them. Just for the rest of us.


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If a third party conservative candidate runs, that will be good for Obama. I hope we can keep this to a two party race.


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Their entitlements being taken away by hard working conservative American's who have grown weary of shouldering the yoke of the liberal collective and the unchecked spending they rely upon?


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fuhr52:224918 said:
If a third party conservative candidate runs, that will be good for Obama. I hope we can keep this to a two party race.

Everyone always says that a third party candidate helps Obama. Third party candidates steal votes away from BOTH major party candidates. I have no problem voting for a third pary, and would never make the mistake of voting for a Democrat or Republican I don't like just because someone else feels I'm wasting my vote or "helping" an undesirable candidate by doing so.


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Third party only hurts Obama if that third party is a liberal. Look at history. You may only vote for third party people but others don't. If a liberal third party enters the race it will take votes away from Obama, that's the way it works. Clinton would have lost to Bush if Perot had stayed out.

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localgirl:224874 said:
Um, as a liberal, sort of, I can say the only thing I fear more than Obama losing is Obama winning.

Sort of this...what I fear is having to decide between bad alternatives...so I guess what I fear most is the American people losing. But I also fear it is inevitable. None of these people deserve my vote.


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I know you disagree with me, but I must state that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote. If you're going to vote for a third party candidate, you would do yourself a favor by saving the gas to get to the polls as well as accomplishing just as much. An added plus is that you would not be aiding Obama.


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