What Kind of Handgun are You?


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I am apparently a HK P7 in 9mm. I don't understand how the quiz determines the answer. By my responses, I would have guessed it would say I'm a Desert Eagle, or maybe a Colt Python or something. Then it gives you another quiz, but wants your name and email address to give you the answer. I opted to not have more junk mail sent to me though.


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Hey I always wanted a HK P7. It says I am a Glock 27. Funny, all my auto's are 9mm.

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What Handgun Are You?
You are a:
Glock Model 22 in 40 cal!

I have a 27 and it stays in the safe. No way I'd buy a mod 22. That quiz is way off!:huh::icon_wink:
UGGG...i don't think they have that many gun choices in their results. I got matched up with one of those plastic things that has a trigger safety. Not that I am against Glocks, but I am partial to other models.

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UGGG...i don't think they have that many gun choices in their results.

After seeing what everyone has come up with thus far, I'll have to agree here--I had only seen my own result when I posted this, didn't know how limited the answers were. There's no way you all are that much alike to be just a bunch of glocks and hk's! :) Thanks for playing anyway!


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I'm a P7 too. Something tells me they don't have much of a selection. I like the looks of it, though...small and concealable.


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It said I was a Glock 22 in 40.......Always thought of myself as a Colt 1911 kind of guy.....lol


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Glock 22 40. While the 40sw is my chosen caliber, as of now Glock is not my chosen firearm. Oh well, it was all in fun.

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