What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!


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Bushmaster Patrolman M4

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I need to take some new pictures with my black Magpul w/ window mags. Looks better than those grey ones.

Here is a Pic of mine this one I put together one part at a time till I had it done. Just under $900.00 as you see it here.


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My first AR, Colt LE with flashlight, quad rails, eotech sight, rear flip up sight. This was my patrol weapon when I use to work the streets.

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Bushmaster with CTC laser

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This AR I put together for just under $750.00. Has a DPMS lower, forgot who made the upper, ACU furniture, CAA vertical grip and a Tru Glow 2X red dot. Never been fired

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DPMS AR purchased from a local gun store after LE discount it cost me just under $600.00. I added quad rails, flashlight, CAA tan furniture and Tru Glo 2X red dot. Never been fired

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DPMS AR15 A2 with bi pod

I have another DPMS lower just waiting for an upper. That project is on hold untill I pickup my Glock 22C

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Here's mine.

Armalite Lower
DPMS Parts kit
CAA 6 position collapsible buttstock
DPMS flat top upper with A.R.M.S Buis site
Bushmaster 16in Ultra Lightweight Chrome lined barrel 1/9 twist
Bushmaster Bolt carrier group
Topped of with an EoTech

i really like the weapons you all have, they are sweet. mine has a rock river upper, nothing too fancy but i love it. i just ordered an atn 330 warrior nightvision scope for mine. should be here in a couple of days. when i get it on i'll put a pic up. Link Removed
A RRA EliteA4. Added:
EOTech 512 on the excellent Dominator mount from RRA
ACE skeleton stock
VFG on a single rail.


Pre-ban Oly K40 ( 40S&W ). Added:
single-point sling
pistol grip and VFG from CAA
rail mount fixed front sight from LMT
magwell block from KKF
not pictured: flashlight
plan to add ambi-safety to this one and SBR someday.

2 RRA flatops with varmint barrels one 20" and one 18". The 18 has a Bushnell red dot and the 20 has a Leupold 4.5X14 long range. The 18 is quite light and my carry in field. The 20 in rides in truck and is used close by transportation.

Both are used for coyote and varmints. They are investments for my future.
rock river arms lar-15 mid... troy rail, harris bipod, eotech 512, troy BURS and other mods... definitely will post pics when i get my camera back haha...

I don't have a photo of my Bushmaster AR, but will be taking some soon. I also have an AR pistol. I built it on a Double Star lower and a Model 1 Sales upper set. It looks discolored, that's just because I had just made it and hadn't rubbed any oil onto the upper (they come very dry). Now the upper and lower look exactly the same.


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Updated Pictures.

Bushmaster Patrolman M4
UTG Quad Rail System
Condor Tactical Light
CAA Pivoting Bipod Grip
Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch
Stock Butt Pad
Homemade Sling
30 Round MagLevel PMAG

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I picked up my S&W M&P15R today and now I understand, I'm one of you now.

I've caught the black rifle disease as coined on ar15.com. Damn you all! :shout:
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Rock River with quad rail, surefire and Aim Point
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2 Oly 22lr upper on a DPMS lower
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3 Rock River with hlf quad rail and m2 sights
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1. Rock River Entry Tactical with 2 stage trigger, Troy aluminum quad rail, Harris bipod, ambi-safety switch, Larue Tactical SPR 1.5 scope mount and Millet DMS1, 1-4 power scope.

2. Anvil Arms lower with 2 stage trigger, Tactical Solutions .22lr upper, Larue Tactical scope mount and Millet Zoom Dot scope.

3. (On order) AR Performance 6.8 SPC Xtreme with Diamond mid length rail, optional YHM flip sight and A2 flash hider.
AR-100 which is essentially a semi-auto copy of the Korean Army's standard issue K2 rifle. Colt-like bolt group with an AK-like long stroke piston. If the '84 ban hadn't come into effect this would probably have been a good contender for a piston driven AR; back before pistons were cool.

S&W M&P 15T, quad rails and Troy Mfg BUIS. It has a 1/9 twist barrel but I don't see that as being a problem.

DPMS -15.. basic knockabout trunk gun. Not worried about anything that happens to it.

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