What is the minimum caliber you need to feel safe?

You are correct!!!

The Badguy did fall down, and did drop his gun. My worry at the time, was that he was energetic enough to pick it back up and use it, but by that time another LEO and I were pointing guns at him and screaming for him not to move. I beleive he just didn't want to get shot again, so he didn't reach for it and sat down on the ground. The outcome may have been different if we hadn't showed up at that time. The Narc didn't have an extra mag:eek: I also imagine that if the shooter narc placed his rounds a little further up in the chest, the outcome would have been even more sufficient and the badguy might not have gotten up. Now a days, with the virtual smorgesboard of very small, very light 9mms and 45's, like the Kahr and Kel-tec, it would be just as easy to carry one of them as opposed to a 9 Mak or a 380 auto. Before becomming a LEO, I was a Paramedic for 8 years. After seeing several shootings take place before my own eyes from 380 to 12 gauge, and the aftermath of hundreds more, from .22 short to 30-06, I like a big chunk-o-lead. A .308 semi-auto rifle is not practical for CCW, so I'll take a 45. I've seen it work. It may not be perfect, but no handgun is. We carry a handgun, because a long gun isn't practical for daily carry.:cool:

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First Rule of Gunfighting?

Have a gun!!

My opinion, for what it is worth, any gun on you (no matter what the caliber) is much better than a .45 at home in your night stand!!
I agree....

I mentioned in my original post that I have carried a 32 or 380, but it just made my gut feel funny. That's why in short and t-shirt weather in the south, it's pocket carry with a Kel-Tec PF9, Kahr PM40 or a S&W 342 Airlite Ti in .357 mag (ouch):eek: Carried in a Kramer Pocket holster. There are just too many quality small handguns in sufficient calibers to leave home without it, or pack a mouse gun.
Feeling safe is in the eye of the bolder. I like large crew served guns. A knife a pistol some extra ammo cell phone ,and trained and willing to use gives me some warm fuzzy things.A little weak on the new cell phone.
HA-HA-HA, right on the cell phone!!!

:D Yeah, I don't know if it's me getting older or cell phones getting more techy; but when I get a new phone, it makes me feel queasy in the gut too! Takes me weeks to get used to it and learn new features. I always picture having an emergency and dialing the Weather Channel or something. :eek: or holding a gun on someone and having some cheezy ringtone going off.:rolleyes: If carrying a 32 or 380 makes me queasy and a new cell phone makes me queasy, if I had to carry them together, I might puke or something!!!
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I carry a .40 90% of the time, but have 9mm that I am very happy with and have stuck a .380 in a pocket on accession,. But that is as low as I want to go.
Depends on the situation

If I'm just walking my dogs around my pretty safe neighborhood I'll just grab my .380. If I'm going downtown it's the 1911 everytime.
If I have to drive down the street . . . . drive through in a car and not a bicycle. Otherwise take an alternate route.

9mm is minimum. Well placed shots with a 9mm should be enough. Well placed shots with a .45 even better.

Once we were face to face with a male who was so pumped up on chemicals, that I began to think that my .38 snubbie with 5 rounds would not be enough.

All you have to do is read their eyes. I was scared.

I realized that I should carry for the worst case scenario. Whatever caliber you feel confident with . . . an lots of it. Be Safe!
is there a minimum?

Two well placed rounds from most cal. can stop a threat............ I carry a 9mm..............

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