What is a good reason to put on a LTC application in massachusetts?

LOL when you say you showed her the hand that let her know. You mean you gave her the bird lol. I hate how people push stuff on you. Like they know whats best for me and i am some mind less dumb ass who cant even think for my self. point in case the "Church Reaper's" as my wife calls them they are the people who come to your house telling you to join there faith as it's better then the rest. I have nothing bad to say about any church but don't come to my house pushing your faith on me. You would be up in arms if i came to your house's talking about guns and porn.

I am 22 as well and get nothing but crap for my beliefs. My OWN family are Antis (it SUCKS living with them). I get plastered for being a proud supporter of the NRA as well as the 2A. My fiancee is not to bad, she isn't an anti just doesn't know about firearms. She wants to vote democrat because she believes dems are more for the public and will save us money. I on the other hand, look at issues like MC plans to help the economy, oil prices, illegal immigrant problems, and I must say I like what I hear. I am not a very big supporter of the MC but I do like him over Obama. I strongly feel that Obama is not in my best interest.

I will say one thing. No matter who in my life turns Anti, or is Anti... I will never...ever Change my views, my morals, or my hobbies. Long life the hobby of firearms and shootin them!

Oh and back on track...I am def moving to NH in a about a year or so hopefully. Already doing my homework and contacting real estate agents. :) Live free or Die here I come :lol:

So yesterday I'm at the library, the librarian walks by asking everyone if they needed to register to vote, her comment, "Obama needs all the help now."

I just hissed my teeth and cut her off :nono: ( showing her the hand that let her know I was not interested in what she was handing out )

Again, just like that in my neck of the woods. In fact, poll workers around here even went as far as to point out Obama's name on the ballots during the May primary when instructing voters on how fill out the ballots.
Man...did this thread get off topic!:smile:

yeah but its all good! haha

Tatted, they try and sway voters that much?!?! I haven't seen that happen here just yet. I guess I will see on election day. Im hoping I don't have any run-ins like this. People that try to do that make me sick. I DONT support Obama, but I do not try to force someone to vote for him.

NH looks better and better each day!

Just to give you guys a update.

It been over 4 weeks since I met with the LEO. My check got cashed about a week ago. I have not heard anything from the LEO or anyone, and have not received my permit. I am getting so anxious I just want it so I can go shopping :)
LOL then you get it in the mail and it's a FID card LOL. Or a class B. By the way just so you know Up here in NH We really do live by "LIVE FREE OR DIE"
Oh it is going to be a Class B...they already knocked me down to that. I really can't wait to get to NH one day. I hate Massachusett's firearms laws. They wouldn't even process my application for a Class A. I just want it in so I can purchase a handgun. I want to carry, but clearly my right to do so isn't really cared about in Mass.
LOL thats because mass gun laws are F*****. LOL you should put down reason for carry as "Gang banging" lol ans see what they give you..
You know what else is funny, they restricted my class B haha. Oh Assachusetts!

I am so anxious for this to come in the mail though. I want to go purchase the Sig P220 and have some fun!

Getting back to the subject of the thread, did you have to give a reason for the Class B license? If so, what was yours?
LOL no he did not put a reason for the class B Because he did not want the Class B to start with. He applied for a class A. But it being MASS they said he was To young and would not even let him apply for the class A and told him to try again in a few years. They where going to give him FID card but he already has one so they met in the middle and gave him a Class B Restricted. It's better then nothing but not really as you cant buy half the guns you would like to buy.
yeah they told me that I was not qualified for a class a simply because of my age. Other than that i met every other qualification. They took my reason for a class a and just gave me a b.
does anyone know how long it should take for me to get this permit here in Mass? Just curious. It has been over 4 weeks and I am only curious about how long it should take. Thanks guys!
does anyone know how long it should take for me to get this permit here in Mass? Just curious. It has been over 4 weeks and I am only curious about how long it should take. Thanks guys!

Screw that. When you receive your license, give it back and tell them where to put it while you move up north to either Vermont or New Hampshire.
I think they restricted it to hunting and target? I am not sure because I have not received it yet, I just remember him telling me it would be restricted. WOW!

Any ideas on how long this whole thing should take?
Yet another place that needs to be taken to court over its gun laws. Who are they to tell you that you can't own whatever you want because they feel you're not ready?
Class B stinks...read up....

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"...a Class B license shall not entitle the holder thereof to carry or possess a loaded firearm in a concealed manner in any public way or place..."

it's useless unless you're just interested in transporting to and from the gun club in your trunk with the restrictions they may be putting on it...

:suicide: It also states...

...The licensing authority shall, within 40 days from the date of application, either approve the application and issue the license or deny the application and notify the applicant of the reason for such denial in writing; provided, however, that no such license shall be issued unless the colonel has certified, in writing, that the information available to him does not indicate that the possession of a firearm or large capacity firearm by the applicant would be in violation of state or federal law.
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Yet another place that needs to be taken to court over its gun laws. Who are they to tell you that you can't own whatever you want because they feel you're not ready?

I agree 110%. Unfortunately, that is the law here and they have all the say they want. After doing some research on this issue, I have found that a police chief in Massachusetts has the right to deny anyone if he feels they are "unfit" for a firearm. People have been denied all over the state for dumb reasons. Unfortunately, the LEO would NOT even submit my application for a Class A LTC. This was done by his Chiefs orders (or so he says). I was told "I have been told not to submit this application for it will be immediately denied by the chief because of your age". I asked the LEO why I qualify for a B but not an A seeing as how the qualifications for both are IDENTICAL. His only response was "AGE" and that I do not have enough life experiences to carry a firearm or own a handgun of high capacity. I did ask him "what makes a firearm with 10 rounds any less lethal than one with 15? He had no response and shortly after this I decided to give up because I did not want to irritate him more and end up with nothing. I wish he had submitted my application for a Class A LTC, because if I was denied, I would have fought it in court.

I was told to re-apply around the age of 25, and at that time I "should get it". Before I do that I will be consulting a firearm attorney because I am not taking any chances. Hopefully by that time I will be living in a State where I can exercise my rights freely, like NH.

It is so ridiculous the hoops you have to jump through in Massachusetts to be able to exercise a right given to us by our fore fathers.

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