what have you done lately?


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Last night we had dinner with a new co-worker. He admitted that he had never been around guns before and that led to an evening at the berm! He was shooting well for a first timer and learned that firearms are fun in a safe shooting environment. He even took his target home as a "trophy" to hang up in his mancave!

What have you done to further the shooting sports lately?

I'll step up here. One of my wife's friends from work, who like your friend, had never fired a weapon before in her life. Not long ago, she came out shooting with us. She fired everything I brought with us that day, starting with a .22 pistol, and by the end of the day, was blowing the middle out of the target with my Sig P220. Now she's saving money to buy her own gun, and talking about taking a CCW course.
In the past few months I have taken an Anti to the range and turned him pro-gun. Also, one of my fellow co-workers whom I have taken out before recently got his Class A LTC here in PRMA and just bought a MP .40. He has also joined the NRA and GOAL. I am currently in the process of turning my fiancée into a shooter (she needs some work, bribing with shopping seems to get her to the range). I feel the more people we educate; the more people will see things through our eyes. Keep up the good work guys!

2 for me

I took 1 neighbor out to shoot my guns 6mo ago. He was not an anti, but had never owned a pistol. He bought a ruger P94 after shooting my P95 and is taking his CC class next weekend.

Another friend went to the range with me. He owned a Lorcin 380 and an antique Colt police 38 but was not a "gun guy". He shot the same ruger P95 after the Lorcin started dropping its magazine. He has now purchased a ruger SR9 and is taking his CC class This weekend.

That big P95 is so easy to shoot every newbie loves it.

Some of the wives are now talking about going together to take a shooting class.:biggrin:
Teach a CHL class once or twice a month. Share with anyone that will listen the need to arm themselves and learn to shoot. Offer to instruct those that need some basic firearms instruction.
Helped instruct at an Appleseed event in Central Nevada. Great time helping people improve their marksmanship skills.
How about You!!!

Invite people out to my range, and and spend personal time with all non / new shooters have helped over 100 people get their CCW, politicked for pro gun legislation, called, faxed, and visited with our legislators, know every one on the gun board by their first name.....
I took a crew from my office up to a popular shooting spot in the woods last month-- we were having a low moral moment due to some financial problems, and everyone needed a to blow off a little steam. I took some .22lr, a couple of pistols, my Remington 870 and the M4. I set up a bench, laid the guns out, and conducted a short (45 minute) overview of the weapons, basic safety, distributed safety gear (glasses and plugs) and answered questions. 2 of the 6 people had never fired a gun. Half were "freaked out" by the AR...until they shot it...then nothing but smiles all around. We had a great time shooting targets, talking about the guns, talking about our rights, and sitting around a camp fire. On the way home the question came, "are you an NRA member?"..."is it hard to join?" To date: 3 of those folks are now proud card-carrying NRA members.

How am I doing?
Convinced 4 shooters, 2 new and 2 experienced, to join the NRA. There has been some bickering among some shooters about NRA did this or that, and most of it is RUMOR. They want this group or the 2A Foundation or whoever over the NRA. Look folks, supporting the other guys is fine. I send them money too. But the NRA has the largest lobby and power machine behind it, standing up for us. The bickering will do nothing more than divide us, PERIOD. This is what the anti-gun morons want. TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!! If we all don't come together as a group, we will all lose what we have. The NRA has about 4 million members, yet there are many more millions of gun owners in the USA. Encourage others to join the NRA, get a great magazine and get involved in letter and email writing and phone calls to our elected officials. I have a Representative in my area, who voted against something, because only one person sent him a letter and he wasn't sure what else to do. So he voted the way his constituent asked. If the NRA does something you disagree with, write Wayne Lapierre a letter. They will explain it to you without going to the rumor mill. The griping and complaining has got to stop and we have to ban together, NOW!!!
I recently got one of my wife's co-workers out on the range. He has always had a passing interest in firearms, but never owned one. Now he has purchased his own XD and shotgun...and is looking at the Springfield SOCOM! :biggrin:
One oneupmanship time....

We had a school tour of our farm today, 50 1st graders from the deep innercity.... N I got the chance to talk pro gun to them all....:dance3:
Let's see... tomorrow I'm helping man a booth at a local gun show for the United Northern Sportsmen's Conservation Club (gun ranges, camping, docks, and boat ramp). Also will be looking over the pistol selection for CC. Should be fun:pleasantry:
Wed. nights volunteer instructor for the Jr's. class at a local gun club. The kids are the future of preserving gun rights. Teach them well.

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