What gun is best for a girl?


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As most everyone else suggested... borrow as many guns as you can. I tried a few. Ended up with a lightweight .38 snubbie.... it kicks with protection ammo but I have no problem with practice ammo which is what I shoot most of the time.
It has the concealed hammer so it does not get caught in my clothes or in my purse.
GL picking out the right gun for yourself.


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i would pick a gun you are most comfortable handling and best in your opinion to conceal . just because you are a woman don't mean you have to go for a smaller gun which in many cases don't handle as well as one with a bit more weight so i suggest trying out different guns until you feel you found the right one for your personal use
best wishes and be safe


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The best one for you is the one you like and will practice with. For me, that includes my Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 and my new Springfield XD Compact .45. I have learned that I can carry and conceal either of these and LOVE taking them to the range. It's up to you. As others mentioned, borrow or rent as many different ones as you can, and find a good class (or classes) to take to train.

Happy shopping! :)

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