What Firearm Do You Travel With?

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OK, Story here! Just prior to September 11, 2001, I had a few weeks vacation with my PD job and had to burn up some time. I was asked by a band to travel with them for several days to play some out of town gigs, and agreed to do so. They had a tour bus and traveled about every state in the union on a regular basis. I wasn't too sure of their feelings about firearms on the bus, so I decided to go low profile, and carried my S&W Model 38 Bodyguard in 38 special. I also took two speed strips in my pocket. I could have packed something extra in my bag, but just decided to go with the pocket snubby, and threw 2 extra Safariland Speedloaders in the bag for good measure.

We were in Indiana at the time, just across the river from Louisville, Kentucky and decided to stay the night in a parking lot where we had obtained permission to park over night. The next morning we were all waking up one at a time, having morning coffee, when we turned on the TV, and caught the very beginning coverage of the 9/11 attacks. When the second plane hit as we watched, I knew something was wrong and there was some form of attack going on. Then we heard about the Pentagon. No one really knew how extensive this was and where the next one would be, or if other forms of attack were happening. I could only picture little screaming Islamic Bastards running through malls schools and Wal-marts with Grenades and AK's.

Now the only thing I can remember thinking is, the country is being attacked, and thousands are being killed, and here I sit, a very long way from home, with a 38 snubby and the total sum of 4 reloads. We fired up the bus and drove to a Wal Mart and got some extra food and bottled water. I tried to buy a shotgun and shells, but they wouldn't sell it to me because I was from out of state.

Of course as we know, things settled down after a day or two and I made it back home. But I made a promise to myself. No matter where I went on a road trip, a full size service/ combat type pistol would go with me in my "get Home Bag" (like a smaller BOB). I take road trips frequently with my wife, and we never fly. Don't mind flying, but I can't stand the hassell these days, especially flying with firearms. Even if it's 6 states away, we make extra time and enjoy the road trip. We enjoy seeing the country.

I always carry a Glock 17 or 21 in my Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag and about 5 or 6 loaded hi-cap mags. When possible, I even take a Remington 870 or short barreled 11-87 and a Bandolier of 50 rounds of buckshot and slugs cased and in the camper shell of my truck with our bags. But long gun or not; my BOB, extra food or MRE's and a full Size Hi-cap pistol goes with me.

What do you carry when you travel or do a road trip?

depends on the situation, if its just a regular couple of days close by i just carry my stoeger .40 with 2 clips for a total of 22 rounds, but if i am going for a lil longer trip i'll pack the rest of the box of fifty. and if going into unknown territory or a bad town i'll also pack my mossy 12 ga loaded with 00 buck, cant ever be too careful, lol. the wifey takes her .38 spl with a total of 55 rounds, 5 in the gun and a whole box of shells. :yu:
I Usually carry my .40 baby Eagle on road trips

I Usually carry my .40 baby Eagle on road trips, 3 spare mags plus 1 box of shells (in case I find a range)
When driving, I typically always carry my H&K USP .40 with two clips. In addition, I have been known to carry my 30-30 and a 20 gauge.

BUT, I've never taken a weapon with me when flying. However, now that I've obtained my CWP, I do plan on taking my USP when flying home (to Texas) or to other states that honor my FL CWP.

Since I've never done that before, I'm curious about the process for declaring a weapon. Would you share your experience in declaring a weapon when flying? And… does anyone else have suggestions about how best to pack and carry a weapon so it won’t become an easy item for theft during transport?

Would appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks!
I carry my Sig P229 Equinox .40 S&W with 2 extra magazines. I usually carry 12 round mags, but I have a few 10 rounders in case I have to cross the border into Kalifornia.
I always travel with my Kahr PM45 and my Kahr PM9. My Kel-Tec P3AT is always with me in case there is a need for discrete carry. Extra mags for each and ammo is a must also.
My Kimber Ultra Carry .45 or KelTec PF-9 in my pocket. A rifle (AR or AK) with half dozen mags in the trunk. Unless I am going to CA (I try to obey the law no matter how bizarrely stupid)--then every trip is different, but usually no rifle...
Most of the time two of my hand guns and extra magazines. I may however start taking a rilfe with several magazines of ammo and a shotgun plus a bug out bag with various items. Things are just not looking real good right now and you never know when your planed return may be delayed or changed forever.

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