What do you do with your gun while in a public restroom?


Thank God I'm alive!
This is true.

However I pray it never happens to anyone, but there still is the chance it could.

Finally, someone who agrees with my line of reasoning.


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After I make sure the door to the stall is securely locked I unload my pistol and get in some dry firing practice.

Oh, man. I laughed for about three minutes straight. THANK YOU! :laugh::lol:

That one was good as was slades post, "handing his pistol to the bathroom attendant for safekeeping:lol:

Oh and we can't forget that picture of those knuckleheads at the urinals with their pants down...ROTFL!!

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I take it out of the holster and put it in my hand. I switch it toy left had when I wipe my rear and the return it to the holster as I re pants myself. Stop being afraid of your weapons people



Call me wierd all you want, but I never use a multi-person bathroom to do #2.....period. So I never have the under the stall issue. That is a good way to defuse the situation all together.


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I personally don't do anything with my gun. It's in my pocket and it stays there, it's another reason why I only pocket carry. I realize that's not for everyone, but it works for me.


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I leave it where it is, I usually shoulder carry or have it in the back of my pants where, due to the weight drops it forward and into my pants.


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Call me wierd all you want, but I never use a multi-person bathroom to do #2.....period. So I never have the under the stall issue. That is a good way to defuse the situation all together.

In theory, I agree with you but there are times when one doesn't have any choice. As repugnant as the thought is, the time may come when it is either that or explode. The latter would be a very messy situation. If the time comes when I have to break my rule, I just put my gun in my pocket and let nature take it's course. I learned a long time ago to not say that I will never do something because, invariably, something comes up where I have to do so. Life is a bear!!


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Haven't come across the need to go in a public restroom BUTT........If the need be there and I be CC'ing guess I'd just have to adapt, overcome and improvise. 1911A1 aint that hard to handle.

Weird thread to begin with. Some of ya'll got too much time on your hands:lol:


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How in the world do you management that?

OK, have used a Public facility a multitude of times but don't cop a squat. My clock is set for as soon as I rise. (I know TMI). BUTT again, not the one that started this thread. As for my gun, use it, zip up and depart. As for my pistol, stays holstered. Most of the time on long drives, I'll have a shoulder holster. CC for comfort as well as safety.
I dont encounter problems. I just leave the gun in the holster. If I am doing #2 I just flip the gun to the inside of my pants between the legs. If I am standing doing #1 I kind of position my hands or shirt so its covering it. No biggie.


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Actually about a year ago, in our county police report someone lost a Glock 22 in the Wal mart restroom. I imagine it had something to do with this particular situation as there were no details. As far as I know it wasn't recovered. How dumb would you feel to have to report a stolen/lost firearm out of sheer stupidity and irresponsibility. Imo his LCTF should be revoked. But thats just my opinion.


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I usually pull my "gun" out and point it at the little blue round thing that looks like a giant breath mint and see how long I can keep it dead center.:sarcastic:

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