What Do You Carry?


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Once I get my CCDW, I'll be carrying my Springfield XD-9 Service model -- just picked it up this past week to replace my S&W Sigma.


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Carried several platforms over last six years but for 2 1/2 years now it has been my SIG 226 ST in 9mm. I like 'large and heavy' and favor the 15+1 capacity.

My other options if needed include - R9 for pocket carry and/or BUG ....... a SW99 when I might need some weight reduction ..... and often slip a .22 mag NAA mini in a pocket too. SP-101 was carried for some time as was too a M28 .357 and have used my BHP also. Username reflects early carry of my P95 ..... to late now to change my username!


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On-Duty I carry whatever "bottomfeeder" they issue me.

Off-Duty I carry a S&W 22-4 and a 442 Revolver. I plan to change that next year and carry a 3" GP100 in .357 Magnum. The reason for the change is "ammo commonality" between my BUG and Primary.

As far as why I don't carry a "bottomfeeder" Off-Duty, I don't like them. I love a good 1911, but will not carry one on the street and I don't think that "Hi-Cap" magazines are the answer to most self defense encounters. On the very "infrequent" days that I carry a "bottomfeeder" Off-Duty it's a Glock backed up by a Kahr PM9 and the 442.

I last qualified with a revolver for On-Duty Carry way back in 1997. I wish I could still qualify with a revolver. :(



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Charter 2000 - 357 mag, just a good feel for me and my budget.
If the need ever arises I hope I can place those 5 bullets where they need to be.


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My preferred primary carry is my Wilson Combat Professional. I carry it IWB in a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. From time to time I want a change so I change....to a Springfield XD45 Service carried IWB in a Brommeland Max Con V. Both are backed up by my favorite BUG...a Taurus PT-145, carried in the front pocket strongside. If I cannot carry the larger guns due to dress requirements, the Taurus also fulfills the primary carry role.



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During summer when wearing mostly tee shirts, since I'm somewhat a portly person, I carry my Glock 19 in a G-Code "Comfort Carry" IWB at 7 o'clock (I'm left handed), and in the winter when I can use heavier shirts, I carry my full size Springfield 1911-A1 in a Blade-Tech IWB also at 7 o'clock. Both guns are very comfortable to carry and conceal well. I switch to OWB paddle holsters on match days so I can set it to the IDPA required position as my normal IWB carry sets it a bit too far back for the range requirements.

Nice to see you over here. Nice site, huh? :)


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My most oftenly carried handgun is my Taurus pt140 pro.I carry my Kahr Cw9 when wearing dress clothes. Last week I got a new Ruger P345. I REALLY like it. It fits my hand very well. I shoot it very well. I am waiting on a holster to come in for it. I then think it will be my primary carry pistol.

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I've mainly been pocket carrying my Kahr PM9. I use to carry my Kel-Tec 3AT with a Armalaser on it for summer but the Kahr iturned out to be an all around weapon. I'll probably start switching off with my Kel_Tec PF9 once I get a few more rounds through it.


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Either a Stoeger Cougar in a UBG Canute IWB, or M&P 9mm in a Don Hume H721 OWB for the summer. In the winter, the Springer Mil-spec 1911 comes out of hibernation.
Hk USP in a Comp-tac M-tac at 3:45. I keep it stoked with mid weight golden sabres. I'm gonna work a j-frame into pocket carry for work, if I can find some more quarters under the cushions...


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When it's warm I carry a Glock 19, when it's cool or cold I like my Para Ordnance P13-45. I have a P3AT, but never have carried a bug.

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EDC is a Ruger 345. I spent a lot of time working on it to get it right but it was worth it.

Keltec P-32 is my deep concealment/bug gun.


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Most of the time G27 IWB and when unable to carry that then Tomcat in pocket and sometimes both.

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The weapon I choose the most to carry is my P-220R Carry with one spare magazine.

OH YEAH! In a Milt Sparks VersaMax-II.
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