what do y'all think of the makarov?

I think it's a well-designed reliable pistol. Mine has been absolutely reliable.

i sold my russian one

and got myself a CZ-82 . i would get another one, except my wife likes the makarov. i do too. but i think i like the cz better. if that is possible!!
My wife had one, and we loved it. She sold it to a friend of mine so that she could purchase a .357 western Style Berretta Stampeed.
Thanks, boomchick!!

how do you like your CZ? i looked at your profile and it said you had one, but not a 82...

Well, short story: I really like it.

I got mine for around a hundred bucks. If you get one that hasn't been worked on already you need to replace the firing pin and should go ahead and think about replacing the little roller cams inside. Let your neighborhood smithy check it out for you before firing.:yes4:

What else can I tell you. . .

Doesn't have too much kick, although the grip is "skinny" -- which might freak you out a little at first, unless your hands are small like mine :sarcastic:. . . Grips also tend to be a lot smoother than some other pistols. If a .45 is sort of a pushing feel, and a .40 is more of a little snap, the CZ is a bit more of a snap than the .40 -- it's obvious that it's a quick little round when you fire one.

It ejects brass really hard and far - folks next to you at the range might give you some dirty looks if you're not separated with some kind of divider. It looks really crispy in the dark -- lights up a room :blink:. Makes quite a lot of noise. . . You can get rounds for these that will approach rifle speeds out of the barrel -- but I don't recommend those, unless you talk to a smithy about that specifically first.

Umm. . . It'll go through a car door, some armor, etc.

Therefore, I wouldn't use it for a carry pistol. . . unless you want to shoot someone and the several folks behind them possibly without making a large hole. :nono:

"Single shot was fired to the center of the block from a distance of 6 feet. Bullet impacted the block at 1510 ft/sec, penetrated 16.0" of ballistic gelatin, 10" of polyester bullet arresting box (roughly equivalent to 12" of ballistic gelatin), and 1.5" of loose-packed 'play sand'."
Link Removed as opposed to something like Link Removed or Link Removed or even Link Removed.

The Box O' Truth #29 - The Helmets O' Truth - Page 1
The Box O' Truth #29 - The Helmets O' Truth - Page 1

I once saw a guy shoot a hard drive hanging from the ceiling with a .45, a Makarov, and a 52. The .45 basically pushed it out of the way. .. The Makarov went through, but left it swinging. . The 52 just left a hole -- it barely moved.

My CZ is well loved, but bless it -- it sure is ugly! :eek:

Hope this helps!
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Nope. My local indoor range/ gun store carries it.

-Just ask for Tokarevs. If they don't have it, maybe they can start stocking it for you. Or, there's online sellers -- watch out for corrosive ammo for this one.
I recently got a PA-63 and like it a lot. The major drawbacks that I had read about were excessive felt recoil and a very heavy DA trigger pull. I almost purchased a recoil reduction kit in anticipation of sore hands, but after I got it out to the range, I found it really wasn't that bad. The DA pull is a bit heavy, but managable. I may later invest in new springs to reduce that a bit, but it wasn't so bad that I felt I must take immediate action to fix it. Also, I used to carry a SIG 228, but I like the PA-63 better for carry purposes because of the reduced weight and smaller profile.
I love mine, shoot the heck out of it, and it still keeps going.

Think I paid 140 bucks for it a few years ago, stocked up on ammo and mags.. and I was good to go.

Its the AK47 of handguns :)
They aren't exactly the best looking guns around, but from what I've heard, they're darn good guns, and are easily concealable. I'd say go for it.
I've had one for years, very dependable, have put 100's of rounds thru it. easy to clean/break down. I will say for the price you can't beat it & my it's an easier gun for the wife & daughter to shoot when it comes to recoil compared to my 40.
Gotta love 'em!!!

I've had my Russian Makarov 9x18 for about five months now, and agree and disagree on some points made here. I don't think it's too big for concealed carry at all, but it is just slightly on the heavy side fully loaded. The recoil is sweet as can be, and it fires EVERYTHING!!! I once pulled a half eaten cheese burger out of the trash and stuffed that in the magazine, and that fired too! I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Custom Rubber Grips??

I have an east german one and it is a blast to shoot. Custom rubber grip really helps with the grip.


Man, I bet that makes shooting it alot more comfortable, especially if they make the grip alittle larger. Do you remember where you got them? online? I'd love to get my hands on a set of those
Man, I bet that makes shooting it alot more comfortable, especially if they make the grip alittle larger. Do you remember where you got them? online? I'd love to get my hands on a set of those

Not a set - just one. There actually used to be two different styles: a "Makawrap" style that was flatter on the sides, and added finger grips on the front, and the rubber Pearce replacement grip. Both were originally sold by Pearce.


I have two of the rubber Pearce grips (pic on the left) still in the retail boxes that I'm willing to part with and I'll throw in free shipping. I'm not parting with the MakaWrap that I still have, though!

The rubber Pearce grips are still widely available - even available on Amazon. Search for "Makarov Pearce grip". I haven't seen the Makawrap grip anywhere for ages (though one just sold recently on Gunbroker).
My Makarov

I have one of the commercial Russian Makarovs and I think it is great. Yes, it is a little on the heavy side because of being all steel, but mine has always gone bang and with Barnhaul HP shells it will stay in the 10 ring all day at 7 yards. I don't think you can ask for more.

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