what do I do?

I have seen mention of the distance that you perceive to be when you cross the street vary. If when crossing the street, whenever I would see the BG move to cross to the same side as me I would immediatly double back and then be sure to see his intent. If he doubles back, Game on. Hand at a minimum on weapon. Verbally find out what his intent is right then. Proceed as necessary. Oh, And I love NY.......CCW laws......Not their self defense laws

"...if someone has a problem or an intent, then its going to be initiated regardless."

It ain't necessarily so. People, good and bad, change their minds all the time. When you make eye contact, change directions suddenly, speak before they do, or refuse to let someone close the distance to you, you are changing the physical situation which means things naturally get re-assessed. They have to make new decisions. If their intent is honorable, they may give you a funny look and continue on their way. If not, well, you've destroyed their element of surprise and they may very well decide they don't like the odds and forget about the intended attack. Suddenly you are not the easy target they were thinking you were.

Basically what you've done is controlled the situation by interrupting their OODA loop, and given yourself more time to react.
You can draw your firearm without "brandishing" it. I have done so a few times when alarms went off. Pulled, hammered back, and held to my side when an old high school bud (did not recognize him)approached me with a stare. When he got close(ten feet)I recognized him and had to apologize. He laughed and said no apology needed and showed me his carry. We walked over to the "Bell" and had a taco to share old time stories. Inside 20 feet if rushed you will never clear holster. They will be on you that quickly.
I keep seeing this thread pop up, and I realize that my last post talked about crossing the street, etc., but actually I wouldn't have to. My "small, friendly dog" is a little Jack Russell that thinks he's ten feet tall and made of spit and vinegar. The little SOB would have bitten anyone who got too close. Which is probably why he doesn't get too many walks about town.
One of my college instructors is a ex police officer. He lives in the city and takes walks. When people see him coming toward them some of them cross the street when they see that he is a black man.
Be careful when judging a book by it's cover, you might over react and become the Bad Guy.
I just don't understand the fact that if ever you are involved in a self defense shooting that you end up arrested until you prove what happened in court, Why should the good guy have to spend time behind bars when he was the victim??
just cross the street if he folows say can I help you if he is coming to you. if you think he is going to be aggressive put your hand on the gun . do not pull it yet. say what do you want? if he keeps coming pull the gun and keep it pointed at the ground but let him see it walk backwards. he keeps coming say say stop then point the gun and say stop again if he keeps coming, Now I am thinking this guy is way begger than me and very scary looking and (his face is scary like in mad) I am yelling so he can hear me.) (cause if it's a 16 year old girl and she is wearing a short skirt and white top and it's 3:30pm after school then I am way wrong) so It's MR T look a like and he has on a hell angels jacket and he looks like I took his cookie money if he get with in ten feet and I can not back up any more then I might shoot him. Now I know your going to say THE FBI SAID THAT SOMEONE WITHIN 21 FEET YADA YADA YADA. ok sure they could rush you but what if the guy is deaf and has bad eyesight and just had ate g530 chili thats got to make you look sick and he want help he rushs you and you kill him or he grabs you and falls down and you call 911 to help him. you save his life and he becomes mayor and you get a gov job where you carry a badge and sleep in a real squadcar.
so do you shoot at 21 feet or wait till 10 or don't shoot it depends on the out come a guy escapes from prison's death row and has killed 200 people before he comes at you great your a hero. shoot the son of the mayor who is sick see ya later like 15 to 30.
so what do you do? not what I would do what would you do what would the avg man do? Kill as a last choice.
cause everyone is going to judge you after the fact in their arm chairs.
err on the side of do not shoot wait that tiny bit more before you kill. you might save g530 he could have ate his own food, ya know!
One of my college instructors is a ex police officer. He lives in the city and takes walks. When people see him coming toward them some of them cross the street when they see that he is a black man.
Be careful when judging a book by it's cover, you might over react and become the Bad Guy.
When we were in GA last month, I went to my car parked across the road from where we were at the time. A black guy came towards me, gave me this wonderful smile and said "good morning!" and walked on by. In the street where we live here, we have one black guy and his family. They are wonderful people, very friendly. Not all black people nor coloured-skin people are supposedly BG as soon as you see them. It depends on how they act as they approached you and how you approach them too. This is saying really that not all white guys are good guys either.
The only thing you really can do, remove yourself from the situation. Change your direction of travel.

If you find yourself in a single-route throughway (surely through inattentiveness - shame on you), go back from whence you came. If there is limited space to get a sufficient safe distance, I'd move myself & the dog to the side with the dog between you & the suspect, sit the dog & keep your hand on your SD firearm.

If the suspect moves in your direction, raise your hand & issue a command like, "Don't come closer. My dog is not friendly" - this is an excuse, but what the hay! If the suspect continues, ratchet-up the command to "I SAID, DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" Beyond that would be the time to 'show your cards', IMO.

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