What caliber is your primary carry gun?

What caliber is your primary carry gun?

  • .380

    Votes: 25 6.6%
  • 9mm

    Votes: 94 25.0%
  • 10mm

    Votes: 4 1.1%
  • .38 special

    Votes: 18 4.8%
  • .357 mag

    Votes: 15 4.0%
  • .357 sig

    Votes: 9 2.4%
  • .40 S&W

    Votes: 70 18.6%
  • .45 acp

    Votes: 129 34.3%
  • .454 Casull/.45 Colt

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 12 3.2%

  • Total voters
I love my P-64 (9x18), I love my permit, but I really don't ever get the chance to use either. I got my permit to take hiking, making bears and mountain lions almost as dangerous as humans. When I'm in the city, I am afraid the P-64 might be a bit bulky to conceal easily. I have an Astra Cub .22 short that can go anywhere, but that isn't any better than carrying a knife.
G19 carried IWB in Summer, Springfield 1911-A1 - IWB in Winter. I shoot IDPA matches with both to stay in practice though haven't been able to get to a match for a couple of months due to family commitments.

Have been .45 fan most of my life as I'm retired from US Army, but got introduced to Glocks and have decided that Tupperware isn't inherently evil, but I still like my 1911 (besides, it has that neat OD green armorcote - see my avatar).
Big and slow is the way to go

My primary is my Springfield Armory Micro-Compact 45 ACP. I have 2 Kimbers and a Colt series 80 in 45 ACP as well as may others in other caliburs.

Luke,,,, you are correct on Revolver qualification in Nevada. I just qualified and am waiting for Oct. 1st to renew my Nevada permit so I can get the 5 year non-resident deal (up from 3 years).

After Oct. 1st the term for Nevada non-residents goes to 5 years, and qualify with any 1 revolver and you can carry any revolver you wish.

Great site,,, let's go

spc ;)
Primary - .45 Kimber Ultra Carry
Glock 36 (also .45) when I camp or am in areas where I know that my carry will probably be exposed to the elements.
Now before I get jumped on by both sides let me explain.:eek:

My Ultra is, in my mind, much too pretty and costly to be dropped, kicked or bank shot into the corner pocket. Its like a Mercedes SUV, nice and shiny for buzzing around town. :cool:
Out in the dirt, four wheeling, I switch to a Jeep, something more appropriately apparelled for bumping and jostling and rubbing up against the bushes. :eek:

Okay guys, you can start throwing the rotten fruit now! :D
Sounds to me like you have it covered well. We all have a tool box and selecting the correct tool from the tool box for the job is the right thing to do

No tomatoes from me, just praise

Steyr S9 around the house and when wearing an "overshirt." It fits in the pocket of cargo pants, but needs something to cover the pocket. Without a cover garment it's a Makarov (East German- very nice gun, especially for $110). BUG is a .38 snubbie. Sometimes it's 2 .38s. A S&W tacticool folder completes the ensemble. I have found that a gun isn't much good for field dressing an apple, removing a hangnail, or eating a pork chop.
I have a small.45 auto, but 9mm ammo is SO much cheaper and the Steyr has been completely reliable with every weight bullet available in 9X19mm. The Mak has also been perfect in reliability, but marginal in power if you're dealing with a meth head who may or may not even realize that he's been shot. The 9X19 got a reputation as a poor stopper with military ball ammo, but with modern JHP there isn't a lot of difference in the relative stopping power of the pistol calibers from 9mmP through .45acp. The 9mm is cheap enough to practice with and shot placement trumps caliber. A hit with anything beats a miss with anything, and the fact that he always works with any ammo I have used makes Mr. Steyr my choice for bad breath range social encounters.
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For most purposes I have my Smith & Wesson model 6906 9mm. It is along the lower powered of what I consider serious self defense rounds. I also carry the Bersa thunder 380 when conditions don't permit the 9mm. I find myself to be a great shot with it, and it's better than not having anything when clothing or conditions don't allow for the 9mm. In California, I'm only permitted to have concealed. If I ever move to another state, I will likely grow up to a 40 cal. when open carry might be more available.
Steyr S9 around the house and when wearing an "overshirt." It fits in the pocket of cargo pants, but needs something to cover the pocket. Without a cover garment it's a Makarov (East German- very nice gun, especially for $110)

You got an east german mak for $110? WOW! I'm super envious, I love maks.
I carry a Sig P226 9mm. However, I'm converting to a Springfield 1911 which I bought used from a dealer. After having it inspected by my smith I'll carry it for the additional power. Also, if I should be in an incident I know the pistol will be taken by the police for the investigation and the chances of getting it back are slim to none barring a court fight. So I'd rather lose my $500 reliable 1911 then my pretty $1000 Sig with all the work I've had done on it.
Rotating between .40 and 9. The .40 is a Glock; the 9 is an S&W M&P which feels better in my hand, so I end up carrying it more often.


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