What are you Carrying?

What do I carry?

S&W M&P 45 with Crimson Trace LaserGrips in a SmartCarry holster.

Springfield XD-45 service
Springfield XD- 9 mm service
Springfield XD-9mm compact
Springfield XD- 40 compact
Springfieild 1911 mil spec 45
Ruger SP101 357 mag
Taurus millennium PT 145 pro
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I carry my LC9 daily. I originally bought it for warm weather carry and I used to carry an M&P9c all the time. I may end up sticking with the LC9 year round though because I love just dumping it in a pocket and going on my way. It's just easier and more comfortable than IWB.
S&W model 360 .38 special. 90% on the ankle. 10% in the waistband. Love the scandium frame. Also crimson trace grips with trijicon night sight.
I got my NM concealed carry permit 5/14/2012 and it's good til 5/14/2016, 4 years. When I applied it took about 3 weeks for the permit to arrive.
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I carry a couple guns all the time. Glock 23C and 32. I change the barrel in the 32 to be a .40 with a factory barrel. I want both guns to fire the same ammo. Factory Glock night sights on the 23C and a Big Dot on the 32. Both sights suck at anything over 7 yards. IMHO.

Very comfortable holsters. DeSantis Mad Max. Thin, nothing thinner. Well supported. I wax the leather to repel moisture and sweat. I wax my guns as well.

Want sweet trigger pull? Try waxing rather than just polishing.

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Glock G26 4th gen. But I haven't found a good holster yet. The Cross-breed sucks.

Why does the CrossBreed suck? I carry a Glock G26 Gen 4 in a CrossBreed SuperTuck. Sometimes I carry a Glock 19 Gen 4 in the same holster. Very concealable and very comfortable to carry.

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