What all do you carry on a daily basis?


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Besides, obviously, a pistol, there is a ton of stuff that CC folks can choose to carry every day. There are different laws in different states, and that, of course, dictates some of the things we can and can't carry. The rest is pretty much determined by the balance what you feel you ought to have handy, and how much you're willing to lug around all day.

My list is at least one spare mag, a Benchmade folder, a cellphone, a 'keychain size' Fox pepper spray, and, maybe once a week, a Benchmade fixed-blade hangs around my neck on a break-away lanyard under my shirt, too. I want to add a small single-cell flashlight - thinking about a Fenix LT1 V2.0 - where the heck am I going to put it? :D

Anyway, I was just wondering what all of you consider to be your EDC gear?

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My daily Off-Duty Carry is the following:

S&W 22-4 Revolver
S&W 442
Folding Knife
Surefire Flashlight
Cell Phone
Personal Wallet
Credentials Wallet
Wow, you guys sure carry a lot. I'm a minimalist when it comes to carrying stuff around with me. I don't like things in my pockets.

My EDC consists of:

- Weapon (Kimber or Keltec, never both)
- Wallet which consists of 2 credit cards, my TDL and CHL, my bus pass, my insurance card, and a for emergency only $100 bill.
- Kershaw Chive
- Blackberry in holster on my belt
- A rosary
- If I'm going to be outside at night I'll bring along one of my Surefires.
~ Spare Magazine
~ 5" Folding Knife
~ Cellular Phone
~ Tactical Flashlight (when out and about in the evening, mostly on walks etc.)
~ BUG (very rarely)
Extra magazine, cell phone and I am thinking about adding a small pepper spray. Any recommendations on a good stream sparying pepper spray?
The Usual Kit

Gun is clothing dependent: G19, Kahr K9, Kahr PM9 or KelTec P3AT
Identification with CCW endorsement
Cell phone
Mid-size (3") folder

For night-time walks, I add a SureFire flashlight & pepper spray - just the light seems to stop the dogs well enough so far. Hope it stays that way! Walking gun is Kahr K9 in OWB during summer, G19 in winter.

My wife carries a 9mm Sig P239 in Fist Hybrid OWB, a water bottle and the heavy burden of putting up with me!

Either my Wilson Combat Professional in a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2

or my Springfield XD45 in a Brommeland Max Con V

along with my Surelight Flashlight, Cell Phone and a 4" razor sharp lockblade knife.....oh and my CHL of course.
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-CZ RAMI or Taurus 85 Ultra-Lite (FIST IWB or Smartcarry)
-Mini-Palm Luxeon Flashlight
-Duluth Trading Co "Smallet" (basically a leather money clip with 2 credit card
slots) for my funds, DL, and CCW card
-3" Gerber tactical folder
-Cell Phone

Help! I'm running out of pockets. Maybe I'll try wearing one of those tactical entry vests with all the pouches on it. Surely nobody would "make" me in one of those!;)
1. PT-111 (Summer) & Kimber Full Size (Winter)
2. Crossbreed Supertuck for both
3. Flashlight
4. 2.5" Folder knife
5. Cell
Extra magazine. Often second gun. Streamlight Strion flash light. I like this one because it is small, very bright and rechargeable. Phone. Sometimes a knife. Of course my CHL.
Whatever I Can Fit Under My Overshirt

ID, Full size Colt 1911 45ACP, two spare mags, Spyderco knife, Gerber multi tool, Surefire flashlight, Pepperspray, AutoLock expandable baton, Handcuffs, Cell Phone. And sometimes my Colt Officers Model 1911, two spare mags, in a Galco sholder rig as back-up.
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PM9 in iwb holster
oil proof space pen
usb drive - my data
usb drive clients data
folding knife,scissors,nail file,screw drivers, (all in one device)
money change sometimes
cell phone
spare mag in vehicle
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When I'm say heading to work for the day I usually carry all of this:

Glock IWB
Extra Mag
folding blade in front right pocket
folding blade in back pocket (I'd say 1/2 the time)
Keys with led flashlight
Leather Police Notebook
Camelbak Demon - conclead carry backpack with my Beretta 90-two and extra mag, along with laptop, first aid, etc.

I have a surefire 6P Defender flashlight that I carried instead of the leatherman but I want to get a smaller e2d.

When I am just running out the house quick:
Glock IWB
Extra Mag
Leatherman (maybe)
folding blade in front right pocket
Keys with led flashlight
Daily Gear

.45 Kimber Ultra Carry with 230 grain Federal Hydrashoks in Comp-Tac Pro Undercover IWB
1 spare mag
Surefire L2 light
Kershaw Ken Onion folding knife
Cell phone with notes containing relevant legal citations for carry situations
License to Carry Firearms from home state & CCW from 2 other states where I travel frequently
Lawyers business card
Daily Carry.....

Usually a Colt Lightweight Commander or Kimber CDP 3" in a Milt Sparks Versa-Max II

One or Two Spare mags

(Very Hot Days) S&W 342 Airlite Ti 357 Mag w/ 2 Speed strips or Kel-Tec
PF-9 w/ 2 extra mags. (either carried in Kramer Pocket Holster)

A Mike Sanders 4" Tactical Folder (custom maker in La.) or Benchmade Stryker folder

Surefire L4 Lumamax LED

A back-up would be one of the pocket guns above or an NAA 22 Mag Mini Revolver on very hot days.

When I do carry Pepper Spray- Freeze +P or Def-Tec First Defense OC.
The glove box and tool box on my toyota 4by 4 has all the rest of the stuff. how do I get one of those picture thingys on my mess?
One hand gun, one pocket knife, and CHL.

Dang, I think some folks here need to check into getting a utility belt like Batmans to wear around.:eek:

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