Welcome to Иєш Лєяжşєşŧăŋ...


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Welcome to Иєш Лєяжşєşŧăŋ...

. . . Please check your guns at the door. You will be assimilated.

There are options, however. Check out www.NJCSD.org for more support. Between this site and that, perhaps we can make a difference.

Oh, It's misery, Torch! And it's going to get worse, 'specially if those Socialist bastids get into office next year. It'll just bolster the political toehold they already have here. Happily, we have our escape planned...to Souf' Carolina...in the next few years so all is not lost. Now, if I can only live long enough to see it happen!
Welcome to the site. I've added your site to my links section. Think you could give me a link back?
Luke, it's not "My" site, but I'll be happy to pass it on, and for the members of the NJCSD, I think I can speak for them when I thank you for the proactive link! I'll steer them to this thread and direct it to the attention of the Cognoscenti there.
NJCSD member here. I think there will be no problem sharing links--it has been discussed on our forums many times.

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