Welcome Springfield Armory as a Sponsor! And Checkout Their Current Promo


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I'd like to thank Springfield Armory for becoming a sponsor of USA Carry.

They are currently having a Link Removed promotion going. Receive two additional XD(M) or XD magazines and a free mag pouch FREE with the purchase of any XD(M) or XD pistol while supplies last.

Link Removed to visit the promo page and to download your Redemption Form.

Link Removed

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Welcome Springfield

The XD45 I am getting comes with two 13-round magazines and a two magazine holder. To have a magazine in the weapon I will have to buy another magazine for $25.75. The gun comes in a plastic case with foam rubber protecting everything, which is the pistol, two magazines, a holster, a two-magazine holder, a cleaning kit and a cable gunlock. the one I hope to get has a brushed nickel slide and a black frame. If that one sells, I am looking at the black slide with the earth frame. I hope to add the Crimosn Trace laser sight grip to it in the near future.
thank you and welcolm springfield armory. you all have treated me very well and have a new 1911 compact ordered and will be here soon.:yes2:
Luke deserves all the credit for working his tail off to make this such a great site. Keep up the great work, Luke!
Luke, thank you for your efforts.

SA, welcome, and thank you for your support.
Welcome Springfield

Thank you Luke for bringing SA in as a sponsor, and thank you SA for this Gear Up promotion. I am only a few days away from picking up my XD45 and I am like a kid at Christmas. I have long admired SA's 1911 pistols and M1 Garand rifles, and I have vacuumed up every page of gun magazines articles or ads about the XD and now the XDm pistols. I look forward to many happy hours at the range as well as trusting the reliability of the XD45. Also, anyone interested, I will eventually getting the Crimson Trace LG445 laser grip for my pistol. They just came out this summer, and run $329.00 MSRP.

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