Welcome Little Bro!


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My brother and his girlfriend are going to be getting there Minnesota permits soon so I told him to check out the site. He's now an official member of USACarry. Oh and to add to the confusion he's KimberSB.

Welcome Little Bro......

Hay we are making this a family affair. Welcome son. I know you will have fun on this site. lots of very good info.
Both of you are full of it... Im taller than both of you, and better looking. However you both have more guns than me so I will say you win.. :)
You all are just to funny. I would like to think I had something to do with both of your good looks. and god just made a few good looking heads the rest he covered up with hair. By the way all my girl friends like the slick look :yu:
All kidding aside I am very proud of both my sons. They both have their heads screwed on straight. any one would be proud to call them son.

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