Week 2 Giveaway: We Have A Winner


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Well we're in week 2 of the new site and we're starting it off with a GREAT giveaway. JSHolsters, who is also one of our Sponsors, has graciously given us not 1 but 2 $70 gift certificates! So we'll be having two winners this week. They make great quality leather holsters as well as other accessories. So get over to JSHolsters.com to check out their products. And if you want to win, you better get to posting! Same rules apply as Link Removed.

Link Removed

See details here:

Link Removed

Just wanted to post another thread here to make sure no one misses it.
Thanks JSHolsters for the donationns, Keep up the great work Luke, the site gets better, and better...
I was drawn to this site since the day I stumbled across it, and have checked it every day since. now woth these week giveaways I am impressed at how great of a community it is here. I doubt I'll win anyhting due to the fact that I rarely post; however, I'm not here to win or be given anyhting... I'm here to learn.

Luke, your doing a hell of a job and obviously we've got some great sponsers on board (which I won't forget when I need to purchase accessories)... I think these giveaways are a great way for the forum to give back to some of the people that contribute quite a bit to it. I'm sure everyone is with me when I say, Thanks, your doing a great service here and really helping a lot of people out.
How great is this site, not only do we get to learn about our passion but there are prizes too. Yippe!
Thanks JS Holsters.com, thanks Luke.
Ok, the time has come! Can I get another drum roll please?

Our winners this week are:
Link Removed
Link Removed

Congratulations on winning a $70 gift certificate to JSHolsters.com!
I just placed my order for a KYDEX Paddle holster for my Kimber Pro Carry for use in IPSC. I am doubly greatful to JS Holsters and USA Carry, first for winning and secondly because I just finished getting my Kimber modified for IPSC (magwell, fiber-optic front sight, extended mag-release, trigger job) but was going to have to save up for a new holster. Problem solved! Thanks again to JS Holsters and USA Carry. :icon_mrgreen:
Wow! What a fantastic site, and a fantastic prize! Thanks for hosting such an informative site. I'm the proud owner a new Sig, but it just needs a holster. This is awesome (I never win anything). I just found my winning email, now its over to www.jsholsters.com for some fancy holster shopping. Thanks again!

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