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Military weapons.

Lets see, The M-16. The Light anti tank weapon (LAW). The good old 12 gauge 870 pump shotgun (guard duty weapon) A few hand grenades, Last and best was the M60- machine gun. I was the big guy so I got to carry the thing. Wherever she went, a couple of thousand rounds went too. The ammo was NEVER carried back. It was worth packing it just to get to let er rip.

My first post so here is one of my favorite old saying:
"Beware the man who only has one gun, He knows how to use it"
military weapons

i was Marine Infantry (0331)from 98-02, and I have been Army NG Apache Armament since then. In my time in service I have shot the following:

Qualified - M-16A2, M9(Beretta92F), M240G, Browning M2, MK 19
Other- M249 SAW, M203, 60mm Mortar

I have also fired spotting rounds from a SMAW, and AT-4 9mm trainer, and have had the absolute pleasure of firing 30mm dummy rounds from an Apache Longbow CPG (Co-Pilot/Gunner) seat. Not quite as nice as shooting them live, but still.

Have only ever really got to mess with an M-60 once (with blanks), I would give anything to get to know more about that weapon.

From the civilian side I have shot a full auto M-14 and full auto AK-47, AK-74
When my ship was preparing to hit the Persian Gulf (Before the war between Iran and Iraq, but when tensions were running high) I got to train on the M60, M79, and deck mounted .50 BMG. My GQ station for MEFEX (Middle East Forces Excercises) was M14 automatic rifleman.

Post service, I have some experiences with the M1 Carbine, that being a part of my collection. Fun shooting little gun!
New here. Army vet 1980-1986 65th Engineers 25th Infantry, Schofield Barracks HI. when it was still there.

M16A1, M-60 , M2 .50 HB, M203, M1911 and the .45ACP Sub machine gun (Grease Gun) we had tankers in the Engineers!
US Army, 1974-1992: M16A1, M16A2, M203, M60, M249, 90mm Recoilless Rifle, Dragon, TOW, LAW, 1911, M9, MP5SD, and the M21 Sniper System. Several others as we cross trained on foreign weapons but this list is already long enough. Also fired M1 Garands and M14s when shooting on the Post high Power Competition Team.
I think I have qualified on most crew serve weapons and below that the Army offfers. M4-M16A1/A2-M240B-M249-M2-MK19-M9-M203-M500 shotgun-AT4 and a few more that I can't remember over the past 10 years. Also got the chance to fire the Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle while in Iraq:biggrin: A cool toy!

Gotta give the Army credit, the biggest POS that we carry is the Beretta 92FS:fie:
I've fired everything from the M2HB on down. Carried the M249 for 18 months, the M203 for about six months and a regular M4 the rest of the time. For a while I had the AN/PAS-13 thermal sight mounted to my M4 for night patrols.
My experience with military weapons (while in the military) was limited to M16, M1911, M9, M60, M203, M72 (Which I fired once) a shotgun the Marines let me carry for a while, and an axe handle. I was pretty good with the axe handle.
I fired most of the arms that a 11B would need to do the job at hand. Some times when getting ready to go out for the night my m16 would be messed up, had to go to the armor and draw 7.62 mags and ammo and that beat up M14E2 boy I hated that. HE HE HE!!
I cannot believe that the U.S. Military had you qualify with a .22 conversion kit. That's messed up! Then again being that it was the U.S.A.F. I'm not too surprised. I've seen stranger things since moving over from the U.S. Army.


SOTIC snipers use airguns and bolt action .22Lr's all the time in training. (Special Operations Target Interdiction Course graduates)

Think about it. It's not hard to figure out. Everything is the same, except the recoil and the muzzle blast.
M-16A1, M1911A1, M72A2 LAW, TOW, Dragon, M2 .50 Cal. HBMG, M60, M203, M242 25mm Chain Gun (only fired twice at Bradley School)....
army weapons

I noticed a post asking for what kind of weapons I liked/disliked in the military, so here is my answer. The first weapons I carried in combat were the M79 Grenade Launcher, .45 caliber pistol, and the M16. This was before the M16 Over/Under came out (which included a grenade launcher on the bottom). I liked that combination because I didn't have to walk point (the M79 round had to travel 40 meters before it would explode).

Then when they gave me the 'Over/Under' they took away my .45 (and of course I now had to walk point). They figured since I no longer had to carry that 'heavy' .45, they let me carry 3 claymore mines (boy this brings back memories).

When I became a squad leader I received a short barrel M16 for close up fighting (not sure of the nomenclature on that one). I really liked that one. I had South Vietnamese Rangers give me c rations (peaches especially) just so I would trade weapons for an hour. They loved it.

When I first got out I bought an M2 Carbine from a friend at work. In the late 60's early 70's you could buy an entire box (still in original wrapper) for less than $200.00. We often went target shooting together. I really liked that, sorry I sold it.

As I stated in another post I now carry a S&W model 442 (J frame) lightweight. Kind of hard to carry (concealed) a carbine. I hope it never comes to that.

I had a S&W Chief Special that I carried for about 14 years (with Hydroshock +P hollow point ammo) that was stolen from my truck. I wouldn't mind having another. I also carry a Davis 22 magnum derringer (also a nice pocket gun), just not at the same time as my S&W .38 cal. 442. I found me a small leather cell phone case that it fits into nicely. That works much better than 911 anyway. :secret:
the short carbine m-16 was called a car-15, and the 40mm grenade lancher under the m-16 is a m-203
m-16,m79,m-60,m-79,m-203,military shotgun(i think it was a winchester),colt/s&w 38's(when i crewed oh-58 kiowa's) dillon/areo mini-gun that hung out left rear door on oh-58's,l.a.w
During my time as a Air Force SP/SF (96-00), I was qualified to use the: beretta M-9, M-16 A-2, M-249 SAW, M-203, Mark 19, Law Rockets, Claymore Mines, an 81 MM Mortars. I got to shoot a ton of weapons and loved it all. It was good to be on the 44 man deployable team since we got most of the training. As a LE firearms and tactics instructor I don't get to shoot the same type of weapons, but get much more time behind the trigger than I did in the military. You can't complain when you are shooting someone else's ammo.
sorry to resurect an old thread but seems some what dead around here. As of current ive qualified on

M110 SASS (loved it will post pics later of my team with it in the AOR)
Fam fired the M107 but never qualed
M67 a few years ago
MP5 for PSD missions
and last (i think) did some fam firing with Brit sniper teams with the L96 in Um Qasr(have pics of that to if any one is intrested)

saw one of the GAU-5s also at the port of Um Qasr with some coastie boat assault team as well as the PJs on base have a few as well as some match grade 1911s and other goodies us non-"operator" types dont get to play with. SOTIC snipers ..LUCKY BASTARDS
sorry to resurect an old thread but seems some what dead around here. As of current ive qualified on

M110 SASS (loved it will post pics later of my team with it in the AOR)

You are the only person I know that likes that hunk of poop.

I don't know of anyone, with SFG (A) groups that will use it.

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