We The People Stimulus Package


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That is just plain,, Good! Maybe we can talk Mr Payne into doing a Book Tour or The Talk show thing... How do you think He'd do on Oprah?
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This is not just plain good. This is fantastic! This deserves more exposure and is a message that certainly needs to get out.

ETA: I just e-mailed a link to this video to Lou Dobbs. Hope he give it a mention.


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Fantastic presentation.

Now here is what we all have to decide.

Are you, personally, willing to stand up for America, and risk everything you have including your life, to save our country. Are you willing, if necessary, to take up arms against your own government.

This is a decision that we get closer to every day whether you want to believe it or not. I sincerely hope it never comes to that but each one of us has to make the decision if you are willing to go this far.

If the political process doesn't work, if elections don't work, what do we do next? If we try all the legal means to correct these problems and they don't work, what then, are you willing to do? And at what point is enough, enough.

What is the breaking point?

Thoughts anyone?


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Looks like i'm late on posting this. oh well, I got the 2nd video in my post about the 2nd revolution.


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Excellent video!!!! Many thanks for posting! Not only the tea bag but follow up on Festus' idea of sending the 2A to DC on July 1st. I really like this guy! Not afraid to tell it like it is!!! We need all of the "sunshine" patriots to get motivated too!


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Aired on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck just aired part of the "We The People Stimulus Package" and had Bob Basso on after the clip played.

Maybe the 2nd Amendment and America has a chance after all.

For those of you sending in the tea bags. Bob just reported that they are throwing out the envelopes containing tea bags for fear of contamination. The idea now is to just send in the tag from the tea bag. NOT the bag with the tea just cut off the tag and send the tag in. Mine are going out tomorrow.


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Need transcript..............

Great video. Now, if someone could just tell me where I can find the transcript, I'd be one happy camper!

This guy isn't afarid to voice his opinion's and speak the truth. Many American's have lost the meaning of what it means to be an "AMERICAN". Hopefully this video gets out. I like the tea tag idea.


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Awesome! I'm getting ready to mail some tea bag tags. Definitely one to the President. Maybe one for Pelosi and one for Reid.

I like it.:biggrin:


In his interview recently, he said to mail only the tag from the teabag. Something about the bag could contain hazardous substances.


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In his interview recently, he said to mail only the tag from the teabag. Something about the bag could contain hazardous substances.

Yes I have heard the same thing from multiple sources... the tea bags are being thrown out due to contamination concerns. Send the tea bag tag instead or it might not make it to it's intended destination.


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Our next president maybe? He is a more enthusiastic speaker than even His Highness Ronald Reagan was!!!


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Great video. Now, if someone could just tell me where I can find the transcript, I'd be one happy camper!


I am looking to!! Any luck, ANYONE? :unsure::unsure::agree::agree::agree:Would love to share that with friends and co-workers that don't have youtube access!!!!


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I have a few problems with this video....

1. Social Security is un-Constitutional, NOBODY should HAVE to pay into it. I want to manage my own retirement. I want to keep my own money. I do not want or need a Nanny Government that thinks it knows how to spend/invest my money better than I do. If anything, Social (in)Security should be VOLUNTARY. FOR EVERYONE!

2. Term Limits are un-Constitutional and cut both ways. Sure you get rid of some of the bums but it also throws out the people who are actually trying to help! With Term Limits, Ron Paul would never have been able to open the eyes of so many people.

3. The Electoral College is BRILLIANT! Eliminating it is a terrible idea. Presidential Candidates wouldn't even bother campaigning in the smaller States and it would only serve to guarantee tyranny of the majority. A better idea is to mandate that all State Primary Elections be held on the same day, and make Election Day a National Paid Holiday. Google it and find out how the math really works. The Presidential election is not entirely different from the World Series. A team must win multiple games to win the "championship", The Presidential election is really 50 distinct and separate elections instead of just one "winner take all".

4. We are not a representative democracy. We are a Republic. In a Republic, private property is never subject to vote and never subject to "mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the population can take away the Rights of the other forty-nine." (Jefferson) The word Democracy doesn't appear anywhere in the Constitution. READ THE FEDERALIST PAPERS!

5. "Mandatory Universal Service"? I guess the 13th amendment means nothing anymore? "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

6. He briefly mentions currency, but WHAT OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE? It is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PRIVATELY OWNED banking cartel. They CAUSED this economic collapse! Go read The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
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