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We The People Foundation
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We The People Foundation
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For Immediate Release Contact: Bob Schulz, 518-361-8153 (cell)
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Delegates of the People to convene
to address constitutional crisis

Public Information meeting to be held in
Guilderland public Library Feb 1, 2009

On Sunday February 1, 2009, the We The People Foundation will hold a public meeting to promote local awareness of the People’s historic initiative to address our nation’s escalating constitutional crisis. The meeting will be held at the Guilderland Public Library. 2228 Western Ave Guilderland NY12084.

In March, delegates selected by the People will convene as a national assembly to debate the federal Government’s pervasive and ongoing abuses of the Constitution and to develop practical strategies that the People, can individually employ, en masse, to peaceably reclaim Liberty and restore Constitutional Order.

“It is no secret that for decades, the U.S. Government has operated well outside the relatively straight forward language and original intent of the provisions of our Constitution,” said Bob Schulz, Chairman of the WTP Foundation. “Unfortunately, these acts of the Government are deliberate violations of fundamental Law and have resulted in the destruction of the Liberty of the People.”

The People have documented and confronted many of the Government’s constitutional violations including the war powers, privacy, 2nd Amendment and immigration abuses, as well as the banking and money violations that are the root cause of the current financial system meltdown. The People have also recently challenged the legal authority of the apparently bottomless Fed and Treasury economic bailouts. To date, the Government has refused to be held accountable.

“We have reached a point where the People, much like our Founders, must carefully consider the course of current events and take actions to defend our unalienable Rights and interests, or Liberty itself may be irretrievably lost,” Schulz added. “The most disturbing of all the violations is our Government’s refusal to be held accountable in any manner. Not only has the federal Judiciary refused to wrestle with the underlying constitutional wrongs, the Supreme Court has refused to declare the authority of the People to directly procure relief under the First Amendment’s accountability clause. This is the essence of the constitutional crisis that must be addressed, and time is of the essence.”

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