Want to see how to survive a real SHTF scenario

Great Post!!!! And I'm not just saying that because the guy owns a Bersa. ;)

He really has some good things to show. The B.O.B is great with a bunch of very useful ideas and supplies. He also has a bunch of very hard fast rules for dealings in violent places. I learned a few of these the hard way, but he has a bunch of great info. The 2001 thing was terrible, but it shows how things can become a problem fast. Signs we all should be in tune too.
Thanks for the link. I liked what he had to say about 5 and 6 shot revolvers vs. 17 round 9mm....it's an interesting take...
)3 armed guys and 3 more near by? Do I really want a 6 shot revolver, or even worse, a 5 shot one?

There is no such thing as having to many guns or to much ammo.
If I have 3 bad guys and 3 on the way to threat. I would not mind having a 5 or 6 shot revovler, on the condition that my bug is a semi-auto with tons of rounds. The revolver, which would have to carry some large knock down power, would toss a lesson to those who are threatening my life. But, I think when you encounter larger groups, the ability to throw a cloud of lead in their direction typically sends the appropriate message. Stop threatening my life and leave me and my family alone!!! I think a revolver has its place, but in a SHTF situation, I would want more than a handgun and a backup anyways. I'd like to also have a shotgun or good AR with me. If you know your going to be in a bad situation unavoidably, then why not take something that will keep your advantage or match you up with what the others may have.

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