Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!


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Winning this would make a gift for Fathers Day for my 76 year old dad. He still rifle hunts from a tree stand; I creep. That's a long standing debate between us but I just can't sit still long enough to hunt from a tree. Those of you that can, more power to you. I do ok creeping through the woods and frankly have a lot more fun.

Good luck everyone and boy oh boy what a great prize this is going to make!


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Tree Rest

I am teaching my young daughters firearm safety & how to shoot. This tree rest would be a great tool for me to use to teach young people how to properly aim & shoot. I am currently using a shooting stick that you stake into the ground. A rest would be more stable.
Thank you,
Marc Necatera


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Since I'm a paraplegic having a way to rest while aiming is most crucial. I don't have any abdominal muscles and sticks are ok, but I am still unstable leaning forward and backwards while trying to sight-in targets with them.
I've used mounts on my chair too, but they are only good at the range where I face the same way.
Deer season starts Saturday in Wisconsin!


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sure could use one

Having a shoulder problem, the Montie tree rest would sure make shooting a lot easier for me, plus the price would be great if it were free


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Well, I'm a 66 year old kid with congestive heart failure, emphysema, and get the shakes now and then.

When I aim at a deer, my shakes move the sights all over him, so I'm bound to get him somewhere.

If I had a tree rest I would be much more steady, giving the deer a better :pleasantry:chance.


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I'd love to have a tree rest. Since I blew my back out at work and they put me out to pasture,going out shooting has been tough and next to impossible. Perhaps with a rest I can get back outdoors and enjoy myself,plus it would get my wife off my back to get out of the house.:biggrin:
Thanks for the give aways!

Old Blue

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Old Blue

Well I would like to win the Tree Rest just because I have never won anything and I know that my hunting buddies would be jealous that I had such a wonderful piece of equiptment...Thanks Blue


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I have a need for speed.... The tree rest would allow me to get a stable shot off quicker and insure a solid hit and clean kill.


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I would like to win the tree rest because at 70 years old, I am not quite as steady as I was in younger years. I admit, I need the tree rest to stabilize my shots while hunting.

And you are the winner! I'd like to thank Montie Design for giving us a free tree rest for this giveaway as well as all of you that have posted.


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Getting older is tough (68+). Can't hold as steady as I used to. With less to do these days, I still love to shoot, whether in the woods, or on the range. This would sure be a big help to steady the aim.


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I would use the tree rest to help me advance in my shooting skills with a rifle. I am just not steady shooting from an open stance.


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Free give away items....THANKS !

Hey this is a great idea...give away items to hunters and shooters. I am not in need of the tree stand but wanted say "thanks" for sharing items.......and thanks to the sponsors of items also...



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Hopefully, what goes around..............

I would like to win for the same reason as last week. If I am lucky enough to win pass the rest on to a fellow shooter that could use it more than I. I wish the best to whomever ends up with it. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Enjoy the Holidays.


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Tree rest

I would love a tree rest because I have never had one or shot a deer and got my first tags this year.

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