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Night started out good. got done with work early, took a nap lol got showered and dressed then made my way down to the AMC THEATRE at THE WATERFRONT for the sneak preview of "Book of Eli". The previews on tv looked good so I was looking forward to seeing this. Met some friends that were already in line and who also had my ticket. After standing in line for about 15 minutes we started to move closer..... and closer..... and closer.... to........ if you guessed "to our seats" you were wrong. We actually moved closer to the staff member "wanding" people for I would assume weapons. When I saw the 70-80 yr old barely 5 ft and maybe 80lb woman being wanded down I decided to jump ship and left my friends. I was enjoying the idea that I had my legally owned and legally carried Taurus 24/7 pro 9mm with 17 + 1 rounds, in the very same theatre that just 2 or 3 yrs ago had a shooting right in front of the concession stand. It is an incident just like that, that i carry a gun. When I got home I looked up AMC theatre policies and sure enough "no weapons real or play" was listed, just as we all I'm sure guessed. Strange thing was they were not "wanding" at the entrance to their building but rather at the entrance to the actual theatre where you would be AFTER you had purchased your tix. I guess AMC theatre figures if they can't guarantee the customers safety then gosh darnnit neither can the customer guarantee the customer's safety. Anyone else run into this problem at AMC theatre waterfront... or another theatre?

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in the state of confusion-

Hope they offered you a refund. I'd be pretty upset if they were wanding folks regardless of if I was carrying or not. :mad: If they're gonna go wanding folks, they should do it as people enter the building. Having the wanding at the enterance to the building would be a better deterrant than at the enterance to the actual theaters.

What a joke! :angry:

I just went to see Avatar at an AMC theater, and no such actions were being taken by theater staff.
If you took you stub to the customer service booth, they would have done something about your ticket..
Interesting that they were wanding at the theater.. SO did you shoot up the concession stand on the way out???? :laugh:
You'd think they'd be wanding at the ENTRANCE, not the theater itself. I'd be asking for a refund if they had sold me a ticket, then denied entrance.....ESPECIALLY if they had a rinky-dink, barely visible "Gunbuster" sign.
It was a free movie since it was a sneak peek. For some reason they were only "wanding" for that screening, as far I could see anyway. lol know I didnt shoot up the concession stand, It's Homestead Pa so I figured why steal someone else's moment lol. Free movie or not it still pissed me off. I respect private property but my 2nd Amendment rights should not stop at the door! Maybe a petition drive should be organized.
Amazingly these sneak preview wandings are generally not aimed at weapons, they are aimed at recording devices and it is usually stated right on the sneak preview ticket.

That is not to say that if the theather prohibits weapons they will not use discover of the wanded weapon to ask you to take it to the car. Since Florida private bans don't have legal power, that is the best they can do, of course if you refuse to leave you can be charged with trespass.

I have been wanded at many of these movies, usually I don't carry into the theater for these previews, however on two occasions I was and on one they made me "go lock it" on the other it was no problem (interestingly same theater but different security). Also the "wanders" are usually private security hired by the studio not the theater and again the reason is to stop pirating prior to release. (That would you guy in the hat with the micro video camera and attached to that cell phone recorder planning on having the highlights on Utube tonight.)
The wife, kid, her little friend and I went to Orlando last month. Going in to Universal Studios the girls all had to open their hand bags while somebody probed through them with a stick. When we actually went into the section with the rides, everyone was finger printed, to which I protested but complied. Wasn't going to ruin my kids vacation. The girls bought hot dogs for like 4 bucks each and were given a bag of some kind of chips, so they carried them around the park in their bags all day in case they wanted them later. Around seven we got to the Hard Rock Cafe where we had reservations, and the women's bags were searched again, and we all had to go through airport type metal detectors and empty our pockets. Of course I bitched about that. Already been through two security checks and now this final insult? What do you think I did, watch McGiver and manufacture an AK47 out of paper clips and bubble gum since I came in the park? Then the made the kids throw away the chips they carried through the stupid park all day.

It gets better. We were toward the back of the seating as the hall filled in, and two rent a cops lit me up with pen lights from the side isle until I finally gave them a glare and started to get up to confront them. Was wishing I'd brought my Surefire, but it probably would have been confiscated at the door. However, security was no where to be seen while the women a few rows in front of us decided it was ok to block everyone's view with their damn camera phones held over their heads to video tape the show.

I will NEVER go back to Universal Studios. Probably never go back to Orlando, or Fla., and I lived there for a few years. I can sit on the plane for another hour and be in Aruba.
I've been to that theater in Homestead Pa. and I always pack heat. In the waterfront, you may need your heater just going back to your car. It's your right to protect yourself.
Wanding at a theater is ridicules, I hate how companies assume that if a person is armed, theyre going to start shooting at the first hint of trouble...I would have let them wand me, if they asked what I was carrying, Id tell them politely, and inform them you seen no signs outside, or inside. Michigan law says that if its not properly posted on the property, and seats less than 2,500 people, you may enter otherwise.
Psh, sorry about your luck man.

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