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I'm looking for a IWB holster for my PPS. I've got a Crossbreed that I use with my 3" Kimber to carry most days, and love it. But, I afraid that this summer it will be too big to use while wearing shorts. So, my thoughts are to carry my PPS on those days. I first thought it would be much lighter but when I weighed them the PPS is only 5 oz lighter. Does someone make a smaller version of the Crossbreed, maybe with only one belt clip?


Since you like the Crossbreed for your Kimber, check out the CrossBreed QwikClip for your PPS
Cruz what holster did you end up getting for your PPS? I've decided to get one for sure and have started the process of hunting for the best price. Speaking of which how did you get yours; local or internet? Have you ever ordered from the internet? I'm looking at one at Impact Guns for a good price compared to what I'm being quoted in my local area.
I actually ended up getting a Comp-Tac C-Tac

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It's similar to the Crossbreed but without the large leather back. Thinking it would be a bit cooler to wear during the summer. I came with a very tall sweat shield, that you can't see in the photo, that I didn't care for and ended up cutting it off with a dremel after a couple of days. I forgot to take a photo beforehand but I'll try to post a couple this afternoon.
Finally got around to taking a photo of my holster with the PPS.

The second black holster with the thumb guard, where did you purchase the item. I'm looking for one just like that and can't seem to find one.

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