Walther PK380?


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I came across a PK380 while gun shopping today and dont know much about them. Are they a good gun?

My future ex-wife has the Walther PPK/S .380, decent weapon, she likes it because of the ambi safety because she is a lefty and it has a little smaller frame. Out of 250 rounds it had 3 failure to fires, dimple in the primer but round did not go off (shooting Federals American Eagles). Like I said, decent weapon. Not MY first choice but she liked it. Right now I do believe that they are being carried and sold under the Smith&Wesson name.
I bought 2 for my daughters. They really enjoy them. The slide is easy to rack and, being that it is larger than most .380s, there is very little recoil.
Walther PK380...fires from a locked breech, ergo less perceived recoil....great size for control and aiming and small enough to conceal fairly easily...BUT you need a special little tool to disassemble (if I understand correctly) ... so ... field stripping for an emergency take-down could be a problem...but in general, most people that have em, love em... I myself have been trying to convince myself about one of these for a few months as I've developed REAL problems with recoil vs arthritic joints.... Also considering the CZ83 as its a tad bigger and all steel (heavier) for better recoil absorbing effect. Decisions, decisions!
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My fiance wants one. She has a problem racking the slides on My 9mm and my .45. The PK 380she can rack with no problem.
Some of you guys are confusing the guns and putting all the different models into one.

The OP is talking about the Walther PK380
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Not the PPK which shoots a .380

Maybe this will help those of you who are unfamiliar with the different models

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Have to agree with the slide being a bit easier for someone with weaker hands to operate.Most of my students with weaker hands love the PK380. Also , there is less felt recoil.Another advantage is you can always pick up the P22 to use for cheap practice . It feels close to have the PK380 in your hand and the money you save in ammo would pay for the pistol after a few visits to the range. As far as the take down tool, there is a simple replacement that you can pick up. The plastic tool from Walther is pretty flimsy. You can buy a schrader valve ( air valve) tool from NAPA stores for about $6 that is about the size of one of those small pocket screwdrivers.Also called a valve removal tool. Here is a link for a sample:Link Removed.
Here is a link for the screwdriver type at Amazon, just remember the one at NAPA Auto is only $6. I purchased two, one for the range bag and one for the cleaning kit on the bench.
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My wife carries a Walther PK380, great gun, 300 rnds not one problem. She cant rack my G19 but has no problem with the PK380, recoil is not bad at all. Highly recommend it.

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